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Petrol prices in Australia vary from state to state. You can bet on that. What did you expect, that petrol prices in Australia would be uniform? The fuel prices in Australia might be A$1.20 in Melbourne, but A$1.50 in the Northern Territory. What are you gonna do? You gotta bite the bullet and pay through the nose. LPG is popular in Australia, and you can have a LPG unit installed in the trunk or boot of your car. LPG is less than half the price of petrol. It's a way to counter high gasoline prices in Australia. Fuel prices in Australia rock! LPG and LPG units rock!

Fuel Prices In Australia

"It's unfortunate that 'Down Under' doesn't mean that down underneath the dry Australian soil lie vast oil fields which defy the imagination and keep Australian gasoline prices cheap.  Rather, 'Down Under' refers to your bank balance relative to $0 after constantly refilling your fuel-guzzling Australian vehicle"  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic
petrol Australia
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As they say, everything's relative.  If you jump into a tub of ice water, it may actually feel warm -- if you've just spent the last half hour swimming the oceans off Antarctica.  What's expensive to you will be cheap to a Saudi Arabian oil sheikh.

Fuel pump Down Under

She won't be filling you up or drying your tears after you do
Is gasoline/petrol cheap or expensive in Australia?  That, again, is relative.  A Venezuelan, Kuwaiti, and Iranian at an Australian petrol station would suffer a heart attack, but a Norwegian, Dutchman, and South Korean would rejoice.  Americans will find the prices about 20-25% more expensive than home.

*  Prices sampled between June 2008 and June 2009.   It doesn't actually matter if these prices become dated, because the relative price of gasoline is quite consistent over time.   In other words, if Bermuda's cost of gasoline per liter is double Australia's, as measured by the gas cost as a percentage of a local citizen's disposable income, Bermuda's relative cost will also be, more or less, double Australia's next year.  The figures in the table below are distorted by the fact that they are denominated in one currency, the US dollar.  The US dollar does not appreciate or depreciate at the same rate against all currencies.  Indeed, it may appreciate against some and depreciate against others.  But if the world price of oil goes up to US$100/barrel, virtually all nations all affected, and prices rise everywhere.  Use the table below as a general gauge.  Do not sue us if the prices you experience in real life induce more hypertension or fatigue than the ones you view on our list. 

Country USD/liter USD/gallon
Iceland 2.25 8.52
Netherlands 2.08 7.87
Norway 1.99 7.53
Korea (South) 1.95 7.38
Peru 1.61 6.09
United Kingdom 1.62 6.13
Portugal 1.60 6.06
Denmark 1.56 5.91
Dominican Republic 1.51 5.72
Japan 1.37 5.19
India 1.36 5.15
Chile 1.27 4.81
Switzerland 1.19 4.50
Korea (North) 1.19 4.50
Thailand 0.96 3.63
Australia 0.89 3.37
New Zealand 0.80 3.03
United States 0.74 2.80
South Africa 0.72 2.73
Vietnam 0.65 2.46
Malaysia 0.50 1.89
Brunei 0.39 1.48
United Arab Emirates 0.37 1.40
Kuwait 0.21 0.79
Iran 0.11 0.42
Venezuela 0.045 0.17

You can see fuel prices in various states by visiting that state's royal automobile club website.  Other sources for petrol/gasoline information:

  Explore Oz   Shows diesel, bio, ULP (unleaded petrol), and LPG (liquid petroleum gas) prices for all states and territories as well as 365-day national trend of fuel prices and 30-day state trends.
  Fuel Watch     Displays the cost in Western Australia of various fuels
  AIP      Breaks Australia down town by town and displays average weekly prices for past 12 weeks and for 40 weeks
  Australian Automobile Association      Over 100 regional and rural centers and 8 capital cities are monitored.  Data here can be downloaded in PDF or Excel Spreadsheet format. 
gasoline prices Australia

Is It Worth Buying A Car Which Runs LPG?

LPG or liquefied petroleum gas or autogas is considered a green fuel for internal combustion engines.   It reduces exhaust emissions. 
LPG Australia Now, it's not like Aussies are green dreamers, hellbent on keeping Australia clean for their children and their children's children.   It's economics.  LPG costs less than half, per liter. of conventional gasoline.  An Aussie in the know explained to me that LPG should be even cheaper than it is.  The stations set the cost of LPG to fall within a certain percentage of the cost of petrol/gasoline.   As petrol prices rise, so do LPG prices, even though LPG prices are dependent on the Saudi Aramco Contract Price, not the price per barrel of certain types of crude oil. 

LPG cars in Australia are really dual fuel cars.  They can run on either unleaded gasoline or LPG.  If you can find a good buy on a car that also runs LPG, then consider it a bargain.  But I wouldn't a pay a premium of more than AUD 1,000 to get an LPG vehicle because you won't earn back the premium.

Believe me.  I thought about it.   Anyone contemplating driving a car 30,000 kilometers around Australia considers the price differential per liter between gasoline and LPG.  It's deceiving to think that you'll save the total cost difference between a liter of petrol and a liter of LPG.   You won't, because the burn rates for the two fuels are different.  A car will be able to travel further on one liter of petrol than it will on a liter of LPG.   As an illustration, the Toyota Corolla officially gets a fuel economy of 13.5 km/liter on petrol.  On LPG, its fuel economy is 9.17 km/liter.  In other words, the fuel economy is 32% worse with LPG.  Then you need to factor in the premium you're paying to buy a dual fuel vehicle vs a standard gasoline-only one.   Last, you have to calculate how many kilometers you expect to put on the car to see how many liters of fuel you'll be putting in it. 

Any vehicle can be converted to use LPG.   As of August 2006, the Australian government offered a AUD 2,000 grant to individuals doing the conversion on a new or used petrol or diesel vehicle and an AUD 1,000 grant if the LPG unit is fitted at the time of manufacture of a new vehicle. As of 2009, the grant on conversions for used vehicles dropped to AUD 1,750. In 2013, it will drop to AUD 1,000, and be gone altogether by mid 2014. The grant does not cover the entire conversion cost, which ranges from AUD 2,500 to 4,500, depending on the specific vehicle.

In my circumstances, where no grant then existed, it made no financial sense to convert any of my cars, and it probably won't make sense for you either. An LPG conversion seems to only make a helluva lot of sense if you're living in Australia permanently and driving the same vehicle for the next 5 years. Then, no doubt about it, the LPG unit will earn its keep.

Be forewarned that any car fitted with an LPG unit will have a good share of its trunk/boot space vanish.  


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 Petrol prices in Australia are not the cheapest in the world, but hell, they ain't the most expensive either. Fuel prices in Australia naturally vary from state to state and city to city. LPG is catching on because the cost per liter of LPG is less than half the cost per liter of petrol. Cars which run LPG are really dual fuel vehicles which run both unleaded petrol and LPG. You can have a LPG unit installed in the trunk or boot of your car and receive a A$1,750 grant to do it. It's a way to counter high gasoline prices in Australia. Petrol prices in Australia are, overall, very reasonable. No complaint about such fuel prices in Australia. LPG and LPG units are sweet, mate.