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Do you like to celebrate Australian public holidays? Australians adore their Australian national holidays. Australians are proud of ANZAC Day. The Queen of England actually gets an ounce of respect on the Queen's Birthday. The Aussies let her ride a horse in the Melbourne Cup. The Queen gets to box on Boxing Day. Australia Day is the day everyone gets to mutter 'Hey mates. We're gdam Aussies.' Australian national holidays are days of f--king pride, mate.

Australian Public Holidays

"One of the fundamental tenets of Australia, the 'land of the long weekend,' is that everyone should have a fair go at getting as many days off of work as one can.  Each Australian state competes with the next to see who can work the least."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

On paper, officially, Australians aren't endowed with any more -- and probably less - public holidays than other wealthy nations.  But when you factor in their high minimum wage and guaranteed 4 weeks paid vacation (at least, mate!), everyday is a holiday Down Under. 

Australians always know where to find fun on holiday
National Holidays

As Australia was turned into a nation from 6 former colonies, it's probably expected that each state has a large say in public holidays.   The dates that are uniform, or almost so, across the land:

January  1:   New Year's Day
January 26:   Australia Day
April (usually second Friday extending till following Monday):   Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Monday
April 26:   ANZAC Day
June (second Monday):   Queen's Birthday    Too bad Queen Elizabeth II was actually born in April.  Western Australia mocks the movable birthday further by having its governor decide when the queen's birthday will fall.  If Elizabeth travels to Oz twice a year she can celebrate her birthday three times annually and get three sets of gifts!
December 25:   Christmas Day
December 26:   Boxing Day  All Australians go boxing on this day, except those in South Australia.  South Australians proclaim on this day. 

Labour Day and Show Day (whatever this is) vary by state.  Melbourne is famous for the Melbourne Cup, the first Tuesday in November, and everyone in Melbourne and the Australian Capital Territory only is granted a day off.  That's support for the local sport, wouldn't you say?

For an up-to-date list of Australian public holidays by state, visit here.


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The Harry Dandruff Universe

 Australian public holidays seem to go forever. Australian national holidays feel like they're coming each and every day. One day it's ANZAC Day, the next it's the Queen's Birthday. Go to Melbourne to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. Put on some gloves for Boxing Day. Australia Day is a day to rejoice with an Aussie beer. Australian public holidays and Australian national holidays can be fun fun fun. A few ANZAC days and a wine from the Hunter Valley will set your mind at ease.