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"What's in Deloraine?  Nothing.  That's why you come."  Doug Knell, Doug's Republic

There's absolutely nothing special about Deloraine.   Good restaurants?  I remember ordering an AUD 17 pizza on the one real street in town.  If it were any good, I'd remember what it tasted like and not what I paid for it.   Culture?  No symphony orchestra or Imax screen in this town of two thousands.   If the picture below is worth well less than a thousand words, it comes down to electrical wires, a church, and a few houses.


Just like any small town in Tasmania - don't come to have your model of the world rocked

So why come?

Deloraine pub Bush InnI know why I did.   A pub in town was offering AUD 20 rooms.  Not dorm rooms.  Your own room.  I had arrived in Devonport on the ferry from Melbourne earlier that morning, driven through Sheffield, and got to Deloraine late enough in the day that it looked a tempting stop.   While there ain't one helluva lot to do in Deloraine, it's close to the scenic Liffey Falls, the Honey Farm, and the Ashgrove Cheese Factory.  

The Honey Farm in Chudleigh, as I recall, was run by Dutch immigrants.   It was a cute shop with a wide range of honey products, bees to gaze out with a glint in your eyes, and tasty homemade ice creams all sweetened with honey made on the premises. 

While I wouldn't go out of your way to visit Deloraine, for Australia it's an economical place to stay for the night if you happen to be anywhere nearby.  


No beautiful ladies, I can assure you.  I don't think I saw a beautiful lady in the entire town!

The AUD 20/night room was at the Bush Inn.  It was a quaint place that looked like it was still the 1960's.   The pub, sometimes referred to as a hotel in Australia, had a few rooms upstairs adjoining a tiny kitchen.  There was parking behind the building and a bottle shop in back selling a wide range of delicious Tasmanian brews.   Were only pubs this quaint and at this cost available throughout Australia.   Costs have since crept up to AUD 25 per person, and the rooms are no longer referred to as singles.  If you showed up by your lonesome, it'd be AUD 25.  If another traveler showed up and the proprietors needed to throw him in your room, say adios to your single.   For a legal single, the newly renovated Deloraine Hotel has 'em for AUD 40 as of this writing, still a decent price. 

Back in '06, this was not a common travel stopover.   Tour groups didn't stop here.   With commercialization spreading across the globe, perhaps Deloraine is now hosting sound & light shows every night with the Bush Inn as the base. 

Remarkably, for being such a tiny untouristed town, the night I first stayed here, another American checked in across the hall.  His name was Taylor, and he was a lawyer, but had lived in Sydney practicing his career freelance for the past 3 years, helping Sydneysiders sue for big payouts for trivial offenses.  His goal was to have a cup of scalding hot McDonald's coffee 'accidentally' drip into the mouth of a babe, burn it, then sue McDonald's for millions as the baby's legal counsel.  He had taken a few weeks break and was biking around Tasmania.   He had, in fact, biked from Devonport to Deloraine.   At the time, I sort of envied him.  Three exciting years in Sydney, as he described them, while I had vegetated, lost brain cells, and shed innumerable tears living in La La Land, California.   I don't envy him now.  Living in Sydney trumps living in the City of Drunken and Slutty Angels, but traveling throughout Australia for the next ten months after meeting Taylor, I'd had enough.  Taylor could schmooze and bed the Sydney elites.  I had other callings.

Deloraine did make an impression and near the end of my stay in Tassie, as I worked my way back up to Devonport, I stayed at the Bush Inn again.    


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  Deloraine, Tasmania offers it all, mates. Stay at the Bush Inn or Deloraine Hotel. Visit Liffey Falls or the Honey Farm in Chudleigh. Check out Sheffield and the Ashgrove Cheese Factory.