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Leo Lager 
Posted: 5 March 2015  Beer Republic 3.5 
Leo Lager from Thailand Enter Leo, Boon Rawd's downmarket beer offering.  If one beer is the same to you as any other, Leo will do just fine as a generic unbalanced lager. Avoid if you actually care.    
Avg price/liter: USD 2.73   ABV %: 5.0  Type: lager Thailand beer 

With Chang Classic stealing all the thunder from Boon Rawd's Singha because of its lower pricing, Boon Rawd knew it had to strike back with a beer at a lower price point. Enter Leo, Boon Rawd's downmarket beer offering.         

In small cans, Leo and Singha cost the same.  The price of the two in large bottles is also the same, only because in 2013, Boon Rawd axed their 640 ml Singha bottles and started offering the large version only in 500 ml bottles whereas Leo continued to be offered in larger 630 ml bottles. .  Restaurants had a field day.  They kept their large Singha prices the same as they were in the 640 ml days but offered only the 500 ml bottles.          

Competing brewery Asia Pacific offers upmarket (Tiger) and downmarket (Cheers) which are remarkably similar, in look, in taste, in alcohol content, and in price.  Boon Rawd really put the distance between Singha and Leo.  The alcohol content in both beers is the same, but Singha costs 25% more and tastes more than 25% better.         

If one beer is the same to you as any other, Leo will do just fine as a generic unbalanced lager.  Avoid if you actually care.         

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5 March 2015
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