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Chang Export 
Posted: 7 March 2015  Beer Republic 5.0 
Chang Export from Thailand Chang Export just seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  It is your best bet among the Chang Collection.  
Avg price/liter: USD 2.63   ABV %: 5.0 Type: lager  Thailand beer 

Up until September of 2011, the only Changs you'd spot on Thai supermarket shelves were mainstays Chang Classic and Chang Draught.  Then in October 2011 Bangkok was awash in floods and there were beer shortages, and Chang Export just seemed to pop up out of nowhere while the other Chang product line temporarily ceased production.       

Chang Export, like Chang Draught, uses no rice.  The alcohol content is the same, and neither use rice, just malt and hops.  The Export version has the darker and richer taste of the two.     

Is Chang Export really the version that is available outside Thailand but in bottles resembling Chang Classic?  Someone like me will never find out because I wouldn't waste money on Chang if I were outside Thailand. But if you're different and you are gung ho to reach for a Chang, Chang Export is your best bet among the Chang Collection.             

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7 March 2015
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