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Prearis IPA 
Posted: 28 March 2015  Beer Republic 8.0
Prearis IPA from Belgium Prearis' IPA isn't afraid to be bold with their hops flavor. You owe yourself a glass. Pour one.     
Avg price/liter: USD 12.00   ABV %: 6.7  Type: IPA  Belgium 

Last week for the first time, I tried a Prearis beer from Belgium, the Prearis Blond, and I didn't remotely have my world rocked.      

I had enough sense not to give up on Vliegende Paard Brewers and ordered four of their darker brews in the following shipment.          

I started out with Prearis' "No Hops No Glory" IPA.    The day before, I sipped but did not much savor Baird's Teikoku IPA. Baird's IPA's natural carbonation overshadowed the not so bold hops flavor.  Prearis' IPA isn't afraid to be bold with their hops flavor.   

This IPA wouldn't be voted most unusual tasting.  This is very hoppy IPA typical of the style, yet an example of just how good an IPA can be when manufactured by the right brewer.         

You owe yourself a glass. Pour one.         

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28 March 2015
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