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Prearis Quadrocinno 
Posted: 28 March 2015  Beer Republic 9.0
Prearis Quadrocinno from Belgium The Prearis Quadrocinno is a wonder to behold. I couldn't tell this beer possessed 10% alcohol. My wife couldn't tell either ... until she passed out from the buzz.     
Avg price/liter: USD 12.00   ABV %: 10.0  Type: Quadrupel  Belgium 

The Prearis Quadrocinno from Beglium is a wonder to behold.  Vliegende Paard Brewers take a standard quadrupel and elevate it up a few levels with Costa Rican coffee beans.        

You'll see coffee mentioned in a lot of brews nowadays, but you don't really taste it.  The taste wasn't terribly evident here either, and it didn't matter.  The inclusion of the coffee gave this beer a robust caramel and vanilla flavor.   I couldn't tell this beer possessed 10% alcohol.   My wife couldn't tell either ... until she passed out from the buzz.    

Want a quadrupel?  Want a coffee?   Why not have just one drink:  the Quadrocinno.     

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28 March 2015
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