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Prearis Quadrupel 
Posted: 28 March 2015  Beer Republic 8.5
Prearis Quadrupel from Belgium Does it really matter why it's called a quadrupel? All one needs to remember is that quadrupels are strong, and strong is not an easy accomplishment.  Prearis Quadrupel proves that Vliegende Paard Brewers knows how to do it.    
Avg price/liter: USD 12.00   ABV %: 10.0  Type: Quadrupel  Belgium 

Prearis Quadrupel was the beer which put its brewer, Vliegende Paard Brewers, on the map (of teeny tiny Belgium, but still), when it was crowned best home-brewed craft beer for the country in 2011.         

I don't have a wealth of experience drinking quadrupels, historically Trappist monastery brewed beers made extra strong.  In fact, I didn't even know they existed until about a month ago.  Where quadrupel got its name is subject to some debate.  A sensible theory is that, back in medieval times when most people were illiterate, the beers were marked for strength with an X.  A single X meant a light alcohol beverages; two X's meant double the strength; and so on.  The Master Brewers Association of the Americas provides a more technical explanation.  During the mashing process, each subsequent running of wort has diminishing fermentable sugar contents.  The last running has the least; the next-to-last has double the last; the one before that, triple the last.   

Does it really matter why it's called a quadrupel?  All one needs to remember is that a quadrupel is strong, with at least 10% alcohol content.      

And strong is not an easy accomplishment. Anyone can make a beer oozing with alcohol. How many brewers can make the alcohol blend beautifully with the rest of the beer?       

Prearis Quadrupel proves that Vliegende Paard Brewers knows how.  "What a maturity for a craft brewer," one of the judges commented after Vliegende took home the 2011 crown and, thereafter, felt motivated to compete in the international beer markets.       

Expensive it may be, but so what?  Drink two of these to one of your usual watery 5% lagers, and you'll end  up equally as drunk.       

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28 March 2015
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