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Mikkeller Kiin Kiin 
Posted: 6 May 2015  Beer Republic 4.0 
Mikkeller Kiin Kiin from Denmark The lemon and the lime are brewed right the hell into Kiin Kiin, named after a Thai fusion type of restaurant in Copenhagen, the only Thai restaurant in the world with a Michelin star. I'd probably hate it. Kiin Kiin with supper? Can't can't. Singha honestly probably goes better with my red curry -- frozen or not.       
Avg price/liter: USD 21.18   ABV %: 5.0  Type: Lager   

Everyone knows the old ritual when you order a Mexican beer. The bartender takes a lime slice and puts it in the neck of the bottle. 

Kiin Kiin saves you the trouble.  The lemon and the lime are brewed right the hell in.      

Mikkeller's beers don't have taster's notes.  I can't say if that's a good or bad thing.  Some of the brewery's tasting notes are absurd. Mikkeller straddles the line between labeling his beers for export and keeping them local for his native Danish market.  The front of the bottles have English names with a little English text, like for this one "lemon and lime."  The backs, with the ingredients, are entirely in Danish.  So if there were tasting notes, I'd guess they'd be on the back -- and, well, in Danish.          

The label left a clue. "Flavored by Yde." When you're talking about Mikkeller, yde could mean some unusual European herb or spice.  Who the hell knows?  I poked around the internet and came up with the name of a Danish fashion designer.  Yep.  It would be in Mikkeller's realm to have a fashion designer flavor his beer, perhaps metaphorically.  The fashion designer Yde gave the Kiin Kiin style.         

But no.  The Yde that Mikkeller is probably referring to is Henrik Yde-Andersen, a Danish restaurateur who runs a flagship Thai fusion type of restaurant in Copenhagen called Kiin Kiin, the only Thai restaurant in the world with a Michelin star.  I'd probably hate it.   One of his signature dishes is a frozen red curry.  Here in Thailand, you'd go to 7 11 and buy a decently prepared frozen red curry in the frozen foods section and pay a buck for it.  In Copenhagen,  you'd have it deep frozen, enjoy it with a lobster salad, and pay the same as what I would here for an all-you-can-eat luxury Indian buffet!     

Yde's now opened up a restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok.  If something has made it in Europe, then it must be better than anything you can get here, the thinking goes .... even if we're talking about Thai food.      

I imagine Mikkeller brews Kiin Kiin the restaurant a signature brew and this beer is it.  It doesn't matter if I am wrong, and it's not laziness that stops me from finding out exactly what the connection is.  That connection won't alter my opinion of the beer.     

I take it Kiin Kiin is another Asian-cuisine type of brew, best enjoyed with Asian cuisine, or why would Mikkeller have named their beer after a Danish man's Thai restaurant in Copenhagen?  And while it's a decent lager with a faint lemon/lime taste I won't choose to mock, would I honestly be happy if I paid $15 in a restaurant for this brew?  Would Kiin Kiin the beer truly enhance my experience at Kiin Kiin?      

Mikkeller set the bar high for their brews.  When they don't live up to it, they need someone like me who isn't in the chorus of lapdogs praising everything that comes out of their vats.      

Kiin Kiin with supper?  Can't can't.  Singha honestly probably goes better with my red curry -- frozen or not.        

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6 May 2015
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