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Van Honsebrouck Bacchus Kriekenbier 
Posted: 7 October 2015  Beer Republic 6.5 
Van Honsebrouck Bacchus Kriekenbier from Belgium Bacchus Kriekenbier isn't a disappointment. It remains a rich and not-too-sweet cherry beer that tastes more like a beer than an artificially flavored cherry soft drink.     
Avg price/liter: USD 13.59   ABV %: 5.8  Type: Lambic-Fruit  Belgium 

Bacchus Kriekenbier, a cherry-flavored beer brewed by the Van Honsebrouck Castle Brewery in Southwest Flanders (Begium), has been a long time coming.  Months ago in a bar, I sampled the Bacchus Framozenbier (raspberry) and was impressed enough to want to try the cherry version.         

Van Honsebrouck could be called the AB InBev (the world's largest  brewing company) of craft style Belgian beers.  Okay, that's a very large exaggeration.  What I mean by that statement is that Van Honsebrouck produces several different well known brands that, if you didn't probe further, you'd have no idea were produced by the same company.  Kasteel, St Louis, and Bacchus are all Van Honsebrouck brand beers.         

There does seem to be some overlap between the different brands.  The company's Kasteel Rouge and its St Louis Kriek are both cherry-flavored beers, like Bacchus Kriekenbier.       

The difference in all three is the base.  Kasteel Rouge uses its Kasteel Donker malty brown beer as the base to which cherry liqueur is added.  St Louis Kriek adds the cherries to a geuze (young lambic) and more mature lambek.  Bacchus Kriekenbier adds their cherries, the Morello variety, to a base of its Vlaams Oud Bruin, a beer style known as Flanders Brown.        

Kasteel Rouge likely pulls the cherry job off better than the others, but Bacchus Kriekenbier isn't a disappointment.  It remains a rich and not-too-sweet cherry beer that tastes more like a beer than an artificially flavored cherry soft drink.   

Only haters of fruit beers of all types would pour this one out.         

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7 Oct 2015
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