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Gallia Lager 
Posted: 7 October 2015  Beer Republic 3.5 
Gallia Lager from France Gallia Lager is the most unique of Gallia's offerings because, if you believe their claims, it is made using the same recipe of French malts and Strisselspalt hops as the original Gallia Lager.  There's only one problem: Gallia Lager ain't good!          
Avg price/liter: USD 12.12   ABV %: 5.5  Type: Lager   

The French are famous for their sense of style, their presentation, and their exorbitant prices. I'll give Parisian-brewed Gallia credit on all three of those counts.         

Gallia's chic bottle labels look like something out of Moulin Rouge 75 years ago.  Paris is name dropped on the label.  The colors come out and grab you.  Before you open the bottle, you think you must be holding in your hands an artisanal creation crafted with the care the French are renowned for.           

Gallia has a great story attached to it, and for all I know, it's just that, a story. All businessmen read the same business self-help books and one of the pieces of advice dropped is to have an interesting story customers can remember. What's verifiable:  Gallia was a brewery in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris, founded in 1890.  Gallia brewed beer steadily, even during the world wars, up until closure in 1969.           

Forty years later, two French students met at university and crafted the idea that the rest of France had great regional beers but the capital didn't. With the aid of family members associated with the original Gallia, they revived the brand.        

Gallia Lager is the most unique of their offerings because, if you believe the claims, it is made using the same recipe of French malts and Strisselspalt hops as the original Gallia Lager.      

There's only one problem: Gallia Lager ain't good!       

If this truly is the same recipe as the old Gallia produced back in, say, 1950 or 1960, then I'd say this beer to a 1950 or 1960 drinker, served chilled, was very good.  I don't know what the state of Parisian beer was like in those days, but I do know in the USA  by 1960, homogenized watery pale lagers made by consolidating beer giants were the norm.  Gallia Lager is infinitely superior to a Budweiser, MIller, Coors, or Pabst Blue Ribbon.       

But it's not 1960, is it?  Today, there are a lot of craft breweries manufacturing superb lagers at reasonable non-Parisian prices.  Take Brewdog's This Is Lager.  A brewery has to be doing something better nowadays if it's going to get attention for today's most common beer style.  The French are known for wine, not beer.  All the more reason an upstart French brewery, despite parading "since 1890" on their banner, has to offer more than the norm to counter all that preconceived bias.          

It's also not true that Paris doesn't have its own beer.  TimeOut Paris published a list of 10 artisanal Parisian beers to try:  La Parisienne, Societe Parisienne de Biere, My Beer Company, La Montreuilloise.  Some of these were likely birthed after Gallia brainstormed its 2009 launch, but no great Parisian beers after 2006-07 is very hard to believe.          

Gallia Lager is generic.  So generic, in fact, that I get more satisfaction and pay less money -- even though I got this Gallia Lager on sale in Bangkok -- when I buy a Thai-made Asahi or Kirin.  A good mainstream session beer delivers more.          

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7 Oct 2015
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