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Alcohol And Food In Australia

In Australia, there's always room to drink one more

In Australia, there's always room to drink one more

“The four food groups in Australia are wine, beer, rum, and whatever alcohol an Australian has lying around if the first three are absent.”  Doug Knell, Doug’s Republic

Australia has a reputation outside its borders of being a land of hefty alcohol consumption.  People have stereotypical images of Aussies sitting in the Outback sun, wearing Akubra hats, downing their tenth stubbie for the evening.

Well, guys.  It’s partly a crock.  Australians do guzzle beer like it’s water, but according to the World Health Organization, Australians are at the bottom of the top quintile of total pure alcohol consumption per capita (CPC) per year.   On a list of 191 countries, Australia ranked #37.

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