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Australian English

Fluency in the lingo is possible over several drunken nights of study

Fluency in the lingo is possible over several drunken nights of study

“The miner rushed towards us with a grin a mile long across his face.  ‘G’day, mate.  In the arvo I just rooted some sheila in the dunny in my donga. A sandgroper.  Bloody ripper!’ It was only later, after getting my Ph.D in Australian English Applications at numerous pubs around the country, that I comprehended that this miner had had a stupendous afternoon having sexual intercourse with a Western Australian woman in the toilet of his room.”  Doug Knell, Doug’s Republic


Australian (or Strine) is not a separate language.  It’s more like an informal version of English.

No Anglophone visiting Australia is going to be feel like he can’t communicate.  Most of the time, the Australians will use nouns, verbs, and adjectives, just as they’re used everywhere else.  There are some key differences you should be aware of though.   We’ll teach some of these in four basic lessons.  Advanced lessons would take years to master.

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Kangaroo becomes Roo
Prostitute becomes Prozzie


Shut the fuck up you retarded American dickhead!
I’m an aussie and wtf we don’t all talk like that
aussies haven’t spoken like that since the 1980s you stereotyping son of a bitch.

so don’t assume you know anything about australia fuckhead

Who The Hell Is Visiting The Republic