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Travel Gear For Australia

Getting my act together

Getting my act together

“Is it true that ‘less is more’?  It would be in Australia  When you travel around this continent with less, you wind up spending a helluva lot more.”  Doug Knell, Doug’s Republic


In a country the size of Australia, it really is true that the less self sufficient you are, the more costly and less revealing this country becomes.

Those who show up with only their wallet and keep it that way will be opening up their wallet a lot and paying a lot: for hotels, for tours,  for flights, for restaurants.  This will apply to every traveler in Australia for a short spell.  The backpackers and working holiday visa-holders who strut through here in droves won’t be spending a lot or earning a lot, but they also won’t be doing a lot.  If you intend to come to Australia and really see it, then your first concern isn’t to spend the absolutely lowest amount of cash.  It’s to get the best bang for every buck you do spend.

My first piece of advice to anyone coming to Australia for over 4-5 months: buy yourself the best used car you can afford, keeping in mind that you’ll probably recoup 40-50% of the cost when you eventually sell it.  Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than AUD 5,000 on a 6-cylinder 2WD, which will suffice most travelers driving around this continent.  AUD 3,500-4,000 is more ideal.   If you can’t afford even this, pal up with a few mates and jointly purchase the car.

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