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Australian Visas


A colorful stamp can make your passport quadruple in value when you sell it on the black market in Pakistan or the Congo

“Australia has woken up to the fact that everyone, from rich country or poor, should pay to enter.  As long as people are willing to fly this far for a holiday, Australia would have been stupid to have passed up the opportunity to charge those visitors an admission fee to come in.”  Doug Knell, Doug’s Republic


Let’s pretend you’re from the Philippines, Thailand, Mozambique, or the Congo.   No special treats for guessing you require a visa to come to Australia.  Now imagine you’re from a well developed nation like the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States. Reckon you need a visa for Australia?  You’re darn right you do!   You didn’t really believe that the Australian authorities were just going to let you in?

Let’s do a simple mathematics problem.  Australia gets around 4 million tourist visits per year.  Australia charges a minimum of AUD 20.   How many crispy Australian dollars end up in Australian government coffers just to give you the permission to come to Australia to spend yet more of your hard-earned cash?   All right — that’s a trick question.  New Zealanders flock to Australia, and they don’t need a visa.   European Union members need one, but don’t have to pay for stays of under 3 months.  But plenty have to pay, and depending on the visa, a lot more than AUD 20.

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Hey Doug, read your tourist visa again. It expired on July 11, 2006. Good luck getting in with it when you’re 91 years old.

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