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Doug’s Republic: Why Litter The Blogosphere With Yet One More Blog?

With over 100 million blogs out there and counting, why should you waste your time visiting Doug’s Republic?

With over 100 million blogs out there and counting, why should you waste your time visiting Doug’s Republic?

Just before I left the United States for the last time in October 2005, my father suggested I start a blog. His girlfriend’s nephew had started one on one of the omnipresnt free blog sites where you can setup a link like I think I did go through the setup process on a free site but just never bothered logging any entries.

It wasn’t laziness that kept me from action. I’ve typed a journal on the computer since 1987. Some of those journal entries span 10 single-spaced typewritten pages or more. Writing a blog entry should take less time than that. Why I let that free blog site age online with no entries was for a much better reason: I didn’t think anyone would show up, and who wants to look for extra reasons to feel rejected?

The Blog Herald lists some stats for the number of blogs active right around the time I was setting up my free blog. Who knows exactly how this guy tabulated his information. His guess was that the United States had 15-30 million blogs back then. Even if he overcounted and there were 20% as many blogs as he estimated, there were still at least 3 million American blogs in existence in 2005, not to mention the millions of blogs hosted in other countries. With the way trends spread like wildfire across the internet, some web ‘expert’ is probably proclaiming we’re up to a billion active blogs. Everyone’s got a blog nowadays. It’s like having an iPod, a cell phone, and a shrink. My cat is pawing on the computer next to this one and setting up her own blog, and rodents won’t be far behind. It’s safe to say that though no one knows exactly how many active blogs there are, there are a lot, too many for you and me to skim. There’s just so much information on the internet today. Most of it is crap, but you still have to wade through it.

‘So why does the world need another blog,’ I thought back in 2005 and still think today. The only people who might visit my blog are people I already know, and I honestly didn’t put any great stake on that. The internet has made it so easy, too easy, for us to share jokes, photographs, and news with our friends and family, too often. It doesn’t take much to be information overloaded just from the people already in your social network. Receive yet another link on Photobucket to glimpse at baby Joey’s latest photo album? You don’t bother going. Get cc’d on an e-mail about checking out a nature video? You delete it. It’s gotten to the point that some people in my address book never send me a genuine personal communication. Everything I receive from them is a forwarded message, sometimes worthwhile, but most times not. If I’m experiencing this, I’ve got to assume so many others are, too. Therefore, why would I truly count on my friends and family to regularly visit my blog if it were just something more to hog up their limited attention?

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