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Travel To Australia



“Don’t go six feet under before you’ve had the chance to go Down Under.” Doug Knell, Doug’s Republic


So why should you come to Australia, otherwise referred to as the country Down Under or the Lucky Country?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Australia is safe. Your chances of being beaten, raped, ripped off, car jacked, and killed are low. You’ll most likely make it back to your own country with most of, if not all of, your body parts. This would not be the case in, say, south-central Los Angeles or Johannesburg.

2. Australia is an easy place to get a working-holiday visa for those under thirty years of age. That means, while Down Under, you can legally work, probably for paltry wages, and earn just enough to spend it all traveling around Australia. That also means a lot of young drunken European backpackers are circulating throughout the country waiting to be sloppily seduced by other young drunken European backpackers.

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