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Doug’s Chocolate Republic — The Big Guys vs The Small Guys


What's the difference between these two bars?

Looks can sure be deceiving.  Based on the photographs, both these bars appear to be about the same size.  But actually, the bar on the right is larger, much larger.  It’s 2.5 times the size of the bar on the left.   You can see that if you look closely at the packaging.

But the label is still deceiving.  It doesn’t tell you that the bar on the left, though smaller, is really a helluva lot bigger than the bar on the right — in all the ways that count.

The delicious Swiss bar on the left is sold all over the world by an already world-famous company.  Anyone reading this article can likely find that bar — or another bar by that company — in their own towns.  You could be snacking one this very second!  The delicious bar on the right is sold only in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and in New Zealand shops in the UK.  Unless you live in one of those four countries or have a friend in one of those locales who can mail you bars, like I did, good luck ever sinking your teeth into one of those luscious delights.

Think of the bar on the left as representing “The Big Guys” and the bar on the right as representing “The Small Guys.”  The Big Guys are Lindt, Hershey, Cadbury, Toblerone, or any other mainstream brand you regularly see in your local town or at duty free shops.  The Small Guys are all those quality niche chocolate manufacturers you’ve likely never heard of. You can’t ever taste what you never heard of.

[Click the picture to read the rest of this brilliant article.  Click here to start searching for chocolate reviews.]

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