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Dagoba Lavender Blueberry from USA


Dagoba Lavender Blueberry: USA

When you look over Dagoba’s chocolate range, the ones that catch your eye are the unorthodox combinations founder Frederick Schilling loved creating. For instance, Dagoba won’t manufacture a standard fruit & nut combo the nations of the British Commonwealth are conditioned to lust for. Dagoba has their Superfruit 74%, containing acai, goji, and currants. No Brazil nut for Dagoba. They do a Brasilia 37% with coconut and Brazil nuts. Their best selling bar used to be (and maybe still is) the Xocolatl 74%, a spicy chocolate containing chilies, cacao nibs, maca, nutmeg, and vanilla.

In my past reviews, however, I didn’t get to taste the unusual combos. I tried the very basic Milk and Mint. These chocolates did not redefine the genre. The Lavender Blueberry, containing the same dark base I tasted in the Mint, was the only one of the three Dagobas brought over by the bro’s girlfriend to feature anything bordering on the unusual.

[Click the picture to get the complete data on the bar and read the full review]

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