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Godiva Dark Chocolate from Belgium


Godiva Dark Chocolate from Belgium

I picked up this rather expensive bar — much more expensive per gram than the real world price I list on this site — at a duty-free shop at the airport, as I explain in my review of the Godiva Milk Chocolate bar. I didn’t want to pay the gang rape price the shop was asking, but I felt I had to do it. If I wanted to call myself a legitimate chocolate credit, I had to be willing to pay the costs, however high they might be, to sample what people think of as premium brands. Did the brands live up to their reputation?

My prior assessment of Godiva had been that it was once a premium chocolate. Back in 1926 when it was founded, I’m sure the company was manufacturing quality stuff. Once it was bought out by el cheapo Campbell Foods in 1967 and the brand expanded, I supposed the quality had fallen. Growth, standardization, mass production usually mean brilliance and the personal touch are lost. I cannot comment with 100% accuracy that this decline actually happened, as I wasn’t born until after Campbell’s bought Godiva out and only tasted the international Godiva’s offerings.  To me this was elementary reasoning. Do you think Colonel Sanders’ original Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe when he owned just one restaurant remained unchanged after the recipe was cloned and put in ready-made spice packets so that any high schooler with minimal training could make the chicken, too?

[Click the picture to get the complete data on the bar and read the full review]

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