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Casino Milk Chocolate Caramel from France


Casino Milk Chocolate Caramel: France

I’d spun the roulette wheel once with this Casino, trying the French chocolate brand’s dark chocolate with hints of cacao bean, sourced from Caribbean cacao. The verdict from that bar (and a few Casino pizzas) was that retail behemoth Casino was using its sales clout to produce some decent quality home brands.

I picked up three chocolate bars that day I was strolling through Casino’s Thai-subsidiary Big C. Two were dark bars. My wife and step-son are anti-dark. Not as vociferously anti-dark as the white supremacists running South Africa in the 1980’s and before, but close. Milk chocolates are the name of their game, as they are of most amateur chocolate tasters. The little leaguers seem to have an obsession with caramel as well, all the more so if the caramel is mixed with milk chocolate. I love caramel as much as the next guy. Whenever we go to Swensen’s for a sundae, I’ll go out of my way to order a sundae drenched in caramel. But in the Chocolate Republic’s sphere of influence, I’ve found that caramel is usually added to chocolate to cover up the taste of inferior product. Caramel has such a tasty flavor and texture that the quality of the chocolate the caramel is packed into drifts into the background for consideration. I remember the Marathon bars I used to eat as a kid. They made better rulers than they did quality chocolate bars, and Mars discontinued them over 30 years ago, probably to save lives. At the time I ate them in the mid- and late-70’s, these braided bars were treated like fine champagne. My palate was distracted by the caramel. I didn’t get a chance to comprehend how bad the chocolate really was.

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Hi Doug

I’m interested to know if you know any more about Casino. I’m in Hong Kong and this brand has just flooded my favourite supermarket, Taste, which is a flagship of Park and Shop.
I bought some of their assorted bonbons when I first saw them, not expecting much at the cheap price. But I was pleasantly surprised. So surprised in fact that I bought some for a work colleague to thank her for some extra hours. Well, I was extremely embarassed to find them sub standard. There was something seriously wrong with the chocolate, which had lost its temper. I was wondering if you knew any more about the brand


Susan, go to the Chocolate Republic page at and opt to search for a bar based on specs. Do a search for Casino on my site. I have reviewed 6 Casino bars thus far and they score highly. The chocolate tablets are well made. I have also purchased their pizza and their Mexican, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan coffee.

Here in Thailand, Casino products are sold at Big C supermarkets, which are owned by the French giant Groupe Casino. They are big in Asia and are somehow able to bring all these French products into Thailand on the cheap.

Not all Casino products are stellar, but they are value for money. You must have just got your hands on one of the few subpar products.

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