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Casino Dark Tanzania 85% with Split Almonds from France


Casino Dark Tanzania 85% with Split Almonds: France

Could it be because Casino is from France, the nation most closely associated with epicureans, that their food products take on a luxury air? Casino goes all out on this one, part of their Delices range. They’re offering a dark, dark chocolate, at 85% cocoa solids, with cacao sourced from Tanzania, and filled with 10% split almonds, an ambitious undertaking indeed.

Green & Black’s and Carrefour did quite acceptable jobs with their 80%+ bars. The reason you don’t see many 80%+ bars on the shelves, especially among mainstream producers, is that they’re not easy to pull off. The darker the chocolate, the more important the cacao that’s been sourced and the manufacturer’s chocolate producing techniques in dealing with the higher expected bitterness. Here’s a analogy that could better explain it. The quality and freshness of fish stands is more evident when that fish is eaten as sashimi. Served as a fried fish filet sandwich at McDonald’s and drenched in cheese, it’s not so easy to discern — or all that important — what grade dish you’re eating.

[Click the picture to get the rest of the data and the complete review on this bar, okay?]

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