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Cadbury Bourneville Hazelnut from India


Cadbury Bourneville Hazelnut: India

Cadbury Bourneville India’s line of chocolates is identical to a chain of Indian restaurants you find throughout Laos. It doesn’t matter which curry you order at this atrocious Indian restaurant. They all taste the same.

The Indian Bourneville line contains 44% cocoa solids and is billed as “dark,” the same gimmick British Cadbury pulls. The use of the name ‘Bourneville’ in Cadbury’s dark line now mocks from India the British town on the south side of Birmingham that the British have already turned into a laughingstock among true chocophiles. No chocolate tasting pro is going to consider 44% dark — or this bar good.

I will give Cadbury India credit for consistency. I first sampled their Bourneville Almond, then rinsed my my mouth of with soap. The Bourneville Hazelnut is identical in every respect. It contains the same gritty, waxy chocolate, the same emulsifiers coded with numbers, and the same skimpy amount of nuts (12%). Even the same tasters notes which read “Bite into this unique slab of chocolate and let its intense flavour notes gradually evolve on your palate.” And for those reasons, we could give this bar no greater or lesser rating than its redneck brother.

[Click the picture to get the rest of the data and the complete review on this bar, okay?]

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