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Health In Thailand

Take your pick.  The Thai medical establishment is waiting for you and your wallet.

Take your pick. The Thai medical establishment is waiting for you and your wallet.

“It was inevitable Thailand would develop a health tourism industry.  The country already had the vast tourist arrivals requiring medical care from time to time after abusing on drink, drugs, and dregs.  It was just a matter of time before Thailand went after citizens in other countries to cure their medical ailments before they could abuse themselves here on drink, drugs, and dregs. ”  Doug Knell, Doug’s Republicdotbarshort

There is a common misperception that Thailand is a Third World basket case economy with commensurate medical care. 

There is also the opposite misperception among, obviously, different individuals that Thailand’s hospitals are among the best in the world.  This depends upon which hospitals we’re talking about.  As of 2010, the Ministry of Public Health listed slightly more than a thousand public hospitals and 316 private hospitals.  A small percentage of those private hospitals enjoy a reputation as showpiece hospitals, hospitals held up by Thailand to the rest of the world to show that Thailand can perform a bypass or a sex change or a hair transplant as good as the best of ’em, but at a fraction the cost.  Outside Bangkok and other key tourist areas where these showpiece hospitals operate, the claim that Thailand’s hospitals are some of the best in the industry should be taken as seriously as Drew Barrymore’s acting talents.  

In today’s global economy, nations try to stand out any way they can. 36% of Thailand’s economy is based on manufacturing, and 6-7% on tourism. Thailand has been playing its huge tourist influx to its advantage by encouraging arrivals to stop on by for a botox treatment or a crown implant. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has gotten in on the act with a medical portal. You can look up the procedure you desire and see who’s performing it. The site boasts that as of 2013, Thailand has 17 Joint Commission International (JCI) certified hospitals. This is an American certification, and for what it’s worth, the standard by which consumers worldwide can assess whether a non-American hospital meets international standards. In reality, there are likely a lot more non-JCI certified hospitals in Thailand that would more than suffice for most consumers’ needs. You must know how the game is played by now. Certifying bodies convince a business why it needs certification and why they, as the certifying organization, are worth paying .

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