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Nestle Wasabi Kit Kat from Japan

Nestle Kit Kat Wasabi: Japan

Nestle Wasabi Kit Kat: Japan

If you were trying to categorize Nestle Japan’s Kit Kats broadly into categories, there would be three. The first is the standard milk chocolate Kit Kat mixed with some artificial essences or flavors. The second is a darker chocolate mixed with similar artificial concoctions. And the last type is the white chocolate plus ersatz flavorings.

The Wasabi Kit Kat is of the white chocolate school. This is an interesting choice. Swiss chocolatier Lindt, famous for their higher tier mainstream chocolates, makes a wasabi bar as well, yet the Lindt bar is dark chocolate. At first thought, dark would seem to be the better choice. Wasabi is a pungent Japanese spice, and when I think of power spices in chocolate, I always think first of darker chocolate.

[Click the picture to get the rest of the data and the complete review on this bar, okay?]

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