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Babaevsky Dark Hazelnut Raisin from Russia

Babaevsky Dark Hazelnut Raisin:Russia

Babaevsky Dark Hazelnut Raisin:Russia

I was “fortunate” enough to taste a Babaevsky Dark Almond on my way into Europe. I was given a similar “opportunity” to try another Babaevsky, a Dark Hazelnut Raisin, on the way out.

So you may be wondering why I would sample another Babaevsky bar after the first bar was so mediocre. Great question and I’ve got just the answer. First off, I didn’t recall on our second trip through Moscow the crappy brand we sampled the first time around. My wife had snapped a photograph with her camera phone, but we didn’t consult that. As there wasn’t much choice, we just grabbed what we saw. Second, this Babaevsky wasn’t really meant for my mouth. My wife needed to purchase some souvenirs for the people in her office. These were economical and she grabbed a few. Once we returned home, she had an extra chocolate bar she didn’t need to give away.

[Click the picture to get the complete data on this bar and read the full review]

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