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Kostritzer Schwarzbier from Germany

Kostritzer Schwarzbier:Germany

Kostritzer Schwarzbier:Germany

Kostritzer makes for an interesting story. It’s almost 500 years old for one. That’s a lot older than any craft brewery. And it’s located in what was the former East Germany. During the two Germany days when East Germany was behind the iron curtain, Kostritzer had a twenty year stretch from the 1950’s to 1970’s when it exported its brews to West Germany. Once the two Germanies reunited in 1989, Kostritzer was snapped up by Bitburger, which produces 386 million liters of beer per year.

Schwarzbier is, translated, black beer. Black lager to be more exact. Kostritzer is one of Germany’s oldest producers of it, and they wouldn’t have made past 400 years if they had no idea what they were doing.

[Click the picture to get the complete data on this brewsky and read the full review]

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