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The Wealth On The Outskirts

Plenty find it’s easier to line their pockets on the periphery

Plenty find it’s easier to line their pockets on the periphery

It’s never a pleasant memory for me to rewind my brain and summon up memories of my close to eight years in Los Angeles, an experiment that didn’t go remotely like I planned. At this point in my life, I can’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing, because if things had gone a little more in my favor there it may have been a little more inspiration for me to have stayed to continue living a life I am now glad to have left behind.

As everyone knows, Los Angeles is the capital of the American entertainment industry. I almost wrote the world’s entertainment industry. It might be too presumptuous for me to say Los Angeles is the world capital.  India has quite a substantial entertainment industry headquartered in Bombay, Korea has its own in Seoul, the UK in London. But on one level it is hard to argue that it’s not. The TV shows and movies produced by the companies based in Los Angeles are what get eagerly seen by people all over the world. You could not say the same thing about Indian, Chinese, Korean, British, or, indeed, any other nation’s entertainment production infrastructure.

Hence, the rewards of succeeding big in Hollywood can be more lucrative than winning powerball lottery jackpots. Successful screenwriters receive more money per written word than any other type of writer. Successful actors and directors earn more annually than very well paid corporate America CEO’s.

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