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Generation X: Today’s Honorary Assholes

We couldn't be cool forever

We couldn’t be cool forever

It doesn’t feel all that long ago when my generation saw the life ahead of us like the start of a wide-open book that could proceed any way we imagined, far from the predictable lives of our parents. Now, I skim through social media profiles of people I haven’t seen in decades, a lot paunchier, a lot greyer or balder, and I realize we’ve become our parents!

I find it eerie to calculate the year my own father was my present age and then think about how I viewed him at that time. One thing is for certain: I didn’t classify him as an a-hole.

My dad was a practicing surgeon in those days, and he wasn’t around a whole lot. That’s what I remember. You have to be around and come up with a lot of strict rules your kids despise to be considered a professional a-hole. Compared to my friends’ parents, my own were quite lenient. When my father was almost exactly the same age I am now, to the month, he and my mother traveled to France and Israel on a two-week holiday. They gave me and my brother credit cards, ample cash, and the use of the cars. We had more cars between us than people.

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