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How 50-Year Old Magazines Can Still Keep (Foreign) Economies Going

When receiving can be more taxing than giving

When receiving can be more taxing than giving

I have had a fascination with Life magazine for over 20 years. It first started when I was on my way out of Burma in 1994. An American I’d met there, Mike (whom I’m still in touch with now), returned to our Yangon hotel holding an issue from the 1960’s that appeared like it had just been printed the week before, a Life Asia edition the original owner must never have read. Inexplicably, these issues were being peddled on street corners along with Burmese bags and trinkets. Mike had paid just a couple of bucks for his one souvenir issue. 

The power of Life after death. 30 years after these magazines were issued they were boosting Burmese GNP!

I was so impressed digesting Mike’s blast-from-the-past that I beat the streets of the Burmese capital to start my very own Life magazine collection. I picked up only 8 issues at that time. I would have purchased more but I was in the middle of a longer trip and shipping things back to the USA in 1994 from Burma or Bangladesh, my next destination, wasn’t a slam dunk. I later amassed a sizeable collection living in Los Angeles which eventually went into storage in a remote town in Oregon for 7 years.   And I picked up another dozen issues in Australia. Ironically, the issues purchased Down Under, not the ones from Burma and Bangladesh, never made it back to the USA.

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