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The Credential Thief

How much of what you tell other people about yourself is fake?

How much of what you tell other people about yourself is fake?

It’s nothing new that people embellish their curriculum vitaes, humbly known as resumes the last time I drafted one. This avenue of fabrication has been paved for centuries, possibly millennia, as long as employment-for-remuneration has existed. Wherever and whenever somebody requires another somebody to do something, there will always be an applicant reinterpreting his or her past accomplishments to be on par with discovering the cure for cancer.   

Go to LinkedIn and read over random peoples’ profiles. Everybody is a “problem solver”, a “team leader,” an “entrepreneurially-minded visionary.” Past experience as a line cook becomes “food science maverick innovator.” Household cleaning is rewritten as “domestic service engineering.”

Let’s not ignore outright fibbing. Have a five month gap somewhere between jobs? Suddenly, the job that lasted for three-quarters of 2013 now takes up the whole year and then some.

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