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A lot less information would have done wonders for this guy's psyche

A lot less information would have done wonders for this guy’s psyche

There is a fine Indian restaurant located on the street parallel to the one on which we live. Five-star hotels in the area often use them to cater the occasional Indian wedding. By Thailand standards, it’s on the expensive side. 

A couple of years back, my wife noticed they’d begun to offer a weekend brunch for around $17. Inflation has since raised that price to $26. This brunch isn’t so much a buffet as an all-you-can-order feast. You select any dish on the brunch menu, and the waiters deliver it to you: appetizers, salads, tandoori platters, mains, desserts.  The first time we went, I got a little carried away and ordered eight dishes up front. When all eight were delivered at once, occupying every available square inch of the small table, my wife became overwhelmed and barely spooned in a morsel.

Too much, too soon.

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