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Didi The Dancing Penguin

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Didi used to live in corners

Surrounded by morality she could never understand

Soon she got it in her mind to move forward

And she took the Law and crushed it in her hands

Ever since she was a child,

She honored all the doctrines as if they came from G-d

Interpretations slanted by her leaders

Made all the concepts seem like they were frauds

Now she’s walking down the street

To her no rules exist

There’s talking in the town

That she’s an existentialist

She’s just become her own psychoanalyst

The people consider her a rebel

She dresses as a heathen to support the way she acts

Dancing in the streets states her position

Joan of Arc would pat her on the back

The books on her shelves are dirty reading

Banned by the censors to keep the young pristine

She quotes lines to all who want to hear them

In topless clothes which border the obscene

She spends her nights at home with guys watching Phil Donahue

Then she gives them what they want

Because she has nothing better to do

And afterwards, she asks them to tell her what is true

Didi exists on her own ethics

She never got a kick out of dressing up before she prayed

And she insists she can do exactly what she pleases

As long as no one’s hurt along the way

Her dark bedroom walls are lined with posters

Pictures others find offensive are scattered everywhere

The townspeople say she’ll rot forever

She asks them, “Have you been to Hell to know it’s there?”

She invites the Pope to her prom,

But the Pope says he’s going stag

You know putting a dozen kids through school

Can turn out to be a drag

She’d rather die tomorrow than lose everything she has

She’s reciting nursery rhymes while crusaders storm her house

She has nothing to support and nothing to renounce

She knows what she stands for and what her life is all about

Dated 21 October 2009. Click here to see a list of complete video and audio content on the Republic. Click here to see the article on religion in which this song was featured.

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If these two religions hadn’t been mass marketed so effectively, the idea of world peace might not be such a cliche

If these two religions hadn’t been mass marketed so effectively, the idea of world peace might not be such a cliche

Islam and Christianity have sure done a super job spreading the word. Half of the world’s current population is either Christian or Muslim, with the two religions roughly on par with each other. Neither religion is pausing for breath, and both should easily maintain or increase their share of the world’s religion markets in the coming century.

Religion is a market. It’s big business. Everyone knows tele-evangelists have been raking in the big bucks off believers for years. Christian Post publishes a list of America’s largest churches. Thirty five of the top one hundred churches, coined gigachurches, lure in more than 10,000 Christ lovers per week. The other sixty-five in the top hundred draw in more than 6,000. There are now churches online, whose congregations span across borders. The attendees pay church membership fees, buy crosses and wafers, and send their kids to Christian schools and camps.

Islam hasn’t been quite as efficient at monetizing their market. There are no gigamosques, as such, and since the majority of Muslims live in poorer parts of the world, they lack the disposable income for potential Muslim tele-evangelists to milk the most from it. The annual pilgrimage to Mecca remains a nice money spinner for the Saudi Arabian economy. Three million people show up annually, infusing the Meccan economy with US$100m. Saudi Arabian Airlines derives 12% of its annual income from the pilgrimage.

Both religions have great marketing teams they call missionaries. The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (LDS) has some of the most active missionary teams in the Christian market, with over 50,000 Mormons at any given time spreading Jesus Christ’s and Joseph Smith’s words at their own, not the Church’s, expense for two years. It’s a very sweet deal for LDS — fresh converts brought in without having to spend a dime to get them, like having your very own multi-level marketing scheme without having to pay any downline commissions for bringing in sales. When I was 13, our family drove across country, and we stopped for an afternoon in Salt Lake City, Utah to visit the Mormon Temple grounds. By my mother innocently filling out the guestbook there, the ever efficient Mormons logged our address and within a month a Mormon self-financed proselytizer was knocking at our door and trying to convert the entire family. Talk about chasing up every available lead!

Missionaries have always found ready targets in the poor and the disenfranchised. The classic missionary stratagem is to show up in an economically undeveloped area, say an Indian tribal village in Central or South America, bearing educational tools and medicines. A tacit deal is struck. The “benevolent,” but uninvited, missionaries let the locals attend the schools and use the hospitals. In exchange, the villagers wind up as card-carrying Christians. American missionaries were able to penetrate the South Korean market when Korea was still economically undeveloped. They traded aid to the Korean nationalists against the Japanese for Korean adherence to the Bible and cross. About half of Koreans today say they subscribe to no religious philosophy. Of those that do, the largest group, about a third of all Koreans, is Christian, taking a significant market share from the old mainstay of Buddhism in less than fifty years. Now South Koreans comprise the world’s second largest source of Christian missionary talent after Americans, more than 12,000 strong in more than 160 countries. Teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Convert a man to Christianity and he can proselytize for a lifetime.

[Click the picture to read the rest of this brilliant article]

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