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Meiji offers milk chocolate called hi milk. It's chocolate from Japan. A Japanese bar of Japanese chocolate that'll make you swoon. Join the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic

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Meiji Hi Milk 
Posted: 26 September 2010    6.0 
Meiji's Hi Milk, like its Black cousin, delivers the right amount of milky creaminess and cocoa richness to get into your good graces for its price range and demand repeat tastings
Avg price/gram: USD 0.0275   Cocoa %: 24  Size: 25g   

Inconsistent isn't the word you'd use to describe the Japanese. When they enslaved the Chinese and Koreans before and during the Second World War, when they slaughtered whales and now dolphins, they did so with predictable efficiency.  Doug's Chocolate Republic responds with equal consistence.  Meiji's Hi Milk is about as tasty in the milk chocolate department as their Black was in the dark department.

I can't be sure if Meiji's spelling of "Hi" in their title is a cute way of saying "high milk content" or a greeting as in "Hiya, milk.  Welcome to our bar."  Either way, the bar is so loaded with milk, at 24% whole milk powder and another 5% skim milk powder, that other cows mooed at me as I left the local 7-11 with a bar in hand.  I don't think milk is remotely healthy for you, but if you believe it's a great source of calcium, for you and your children and the rest of your family, give them a bar of Meiji Hi Milk instead to maintain their skeletal system.  In Japan, the bar is sold in more traditional sizes.  Over here in Thailand, maybe to keep the cost down for milk-chocolate loving Thais' lighter wallets, it's found only in a 25 gram pack consisting of four tiny individually wrapped pieces of 6.25g each.  Thailand's omnipresent 7-11's wouldn't keep stocking them if they weren't selling, but I've noticed anyone except myself actually buy one -- or a hundred. 

For still swimming around down near the premium low-end of chocolates, Meiji doesn't have the taste of really cheap milk chocolate bars that litter the checkout aisles of grocery stores the world over.  The other day, I picked up a bag of M & M peanuts.   In Thailand, these candy treats come from China.  The peanuts are what make those colored candies go down -- the chocolate itself is weak, hollow, and artificial-tasting, all adjectives I would not use to describe Meiji's Hi Milk. 

Meiji's Hi Milk, like its Black cousin, delivers the right amount of milky creaminess and cocoa richness to get into your good graces for its price range and demand repeat tastings.  Fellow Asians appear to be bowing down to their Japanese chocolate overlords:  the Philippines and Singapore are major Meiji chocolate importers, and from Singapore, the chocolate finds its way throughout Southeast Asia.  

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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 Meiji has milk chocolate, hi milk, as one of their premier brands from Japan. Do you like Japanese chocolate? do you like visiting the Chocolate Republic? Doug from Doug's Republic loves it. Japanese bars rock.