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Bloomsberry milk chocolate comes from a New Zealand company but is a Swiss bar. It's Swiss chocolate technically. They package with their chocoscopes emergency chocolate boxes. Do you like the chocolate republic with Doug at Doug's Republic?  

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Bloomsberry Milk 
Posted: 28 September 2010  Doug's Chocolate Republic    4.5 
New Zealand chocolate For 33% cocoa content, the same as many of its higher end competitors, Bloomsberry's taste wasn't very rich. It was more milky but in a bland, not ultra smooth, kind of way. A Swiss-made Lindt bar is cheaper and a helluva lot tastier.
Avg price/gram: USD 0.0495   Cocoa %: 33  Size: 100g  New Zealand chocolate 

It was bound to happen.  Humor hit the television commercial advertising market years ago.  We're more likely to remember a commercial and, thus, the product being advertised if we're laughing our asses off.   New Zealand-based Bloomsberry has pulled the same stunt to great success.   Although their product line isn't all that extensive, their packaging is.  They pack their "premium milk chocolate," as they bill it, in the chocoscopes wrapper (seen above) and a very creative Emergency Chocolate box which makes the merchandise look like medicine, complete with funny instructions how to apply the said medicine to your infected areas.  They utilize catchy art work as well.

But the joke is suddenly on you when you buy and then taste the chocolate.  The bars aren't cheap.  As of this writing, the bars sell in Australian supermarkets for AUD 5.44 and on web sites for USD 4.95 per bar when you buy the bars in bulk.  It's a costly bar to be sure and for that price I really want to be sampling premium milk chocolate, not something posing as premium milk chocolate.

Bloomsberry has covered their asses nicely on this one.  Down Under, they proudly claim they're an indigenous company.  Elsewhere, they endlessly cite the fact the bar is Swiss milk chocolate because the bars are manufactured in Switzerland.  Switzerland has this magic connotation in everyone's mind as being as the land where no chocolate can taste bad.  Yes, the Swiss have a rich tradition in chocolate making, as do the Belgians, but this does not imply that there is a master gene in the Swiss and Belgian genetic code that insures every citizen of these nations can produce great chocolate.  We don't even know if Bloomsberry's recipe was really concocted by a Swiss chocolatier.  If a New Zealander flew over to Switzerland and had a Swiss factory create his chocolate, it's just New Zealand chocolate made with Swiss labor.  Welcome to the world of marketing.

Let's not get too caught up on the Swiss-made angle.  If this chocolate were made in Morocco, Iran, or the planet Jupiter and tasted like this, I'd rate it the same.  For 33% cocoa content, the same as many of its higher end competitors, Bloomsberry's taste wasn't very rich.  It was more milky but in a bland, not ultra smooth, kind of way.   It took me several days to finally work my way through this one.  A luscious bar wouldn't have lasted an hour.  This bar falls into the category of ham chocolate, ham referring to (overly) hyped artisanal merchandise.

I wasn't expecting much when I saw the humor gimmicks.  Aussie Dave included it in one of my chocolate parcels.and told me to keep my preconceived notions to myself until I tried it.   If anything, my preconceived biases sway toward the little guy.  I'd rather the stereotype hold true, that the small artisan manufacturer using hopefully higher quality ingredients produces the better quality product. In this case, the stereotype fails to apply.  A Swiss-made Lindt bar is cheaper and a helluva lot tastier.  Save your money and buy two Lindt bars on sale.

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