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Chocovic Jaina 
Posted: 13 October 2010    4.0 
Chocovic Jaina The Jaina had a nice snap, looked smooth, but its taste? You could take it or leave it, and at these prices, I'd be leaving it.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.082   Cocoa %: 31  Size: 73g  Spain chocolate 

Who the hell is Chocovic?  I never heard of them, no one I asked ever heard of them.  Obviously, Aussie Dave heard of them.  He sent me three bars in a parcel he picked up at a Spanish chocolateria in Melbourne.  The bars were wrapped in gold and ordained in silver.  Aussie Dave wrote upon them "Sacred Bars -- not to be sacrificed to the uninitiated," meaning that I shouldn't let kids who'd be content on 7-11 chocolate to go near them.

Aula Chocovic is a school in Barcelona that specializes in chocolate.   According to their web site, Chocovic provides instruction in the arts of "cake and pastry confection, restaurant, catering, and ice cream making."  Now they've expanded to offer a range of chocolate bars with various cocoa contents from different cocoa sources.  For example, Chocovic offers a 71% bar (Ocumare), made from criolla cocoa beans from Venezuela.  They also have the 71% Guyave, made from trinitario beans from Grenada.   The bars have beautiful wrappers and feature interesting names.  One is conditioned to expect big things from these guys.

Aussie Dave's picks were from Chocovics' Selvatica Couverture line of bars, of which there are four, ranging from 31% to 75%. The first bar I opened was the Jaina, the white chocolate bar with 31% cocoa content.  Although white is not my favorite type of chocolate, I wanted to compare Chocovic's white with Lindt's Lindor and G & B's, all of which were included in the same parcel.  

The Chocovic bar was, by far, the most expensive per gram of the three whites compared.  In fact, the Jaina bar was more expensive than the G & B white and Lindt Lindor white combined!  It was also worse than the two bars combined.  The Jaina had a nice snap, looked smooth, but its taste? You could take it or leave it, and at these prices, I'd be leaving it. 

I don't doubt Chocovic can deliver the goods when it comes to professional baking chocolate.  That's a different animal.  Maybe their ice creams and pastries with chocolate are divine.  But I'm not reviewing such things here at the Republic.  I'm reviewing chocolate bars, and this one tanked.  Were it the price of a Lindt or G & B, I might have been inclined to give it an average rating.  The fact they're charging some hefty moolah for a bar rather small in size penalizes the rating further.  

Chocovic seems to have a lot in common with the U.S. government.  Each sends customers/citizens sizeable bills while delivering little in return.      

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  Spain has Chocovic Selvaticas as a bar. It's Spanish chocolate, very white chocolate, with 31% cocoa solids. Like white chocoalte? The Chocolate Republic with Doug at Doug's Republic reviews this great bar called Jaina.