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Haigh's Dark Chocolate 
Posted: 18 October 2010    6.5 
Haigh's Dark Chocolate With Haigh's Dark, a real dark with 70%, I think Haigh's finally found its stride.  It wasn't too sweet or too bitter. The texture was smooth, and the bar the perfect thickness.  Nonetheless, consume Haigh's in large quantities only if you're a dear friends of the Haigh family, rich, or paid to do so.   
Avg price/gram: USD 0.086   Cocoa %: 70  Size: 100g  Australian chocolate 

At the moment any Australian child is born, the doctor, if Australian born and Australian raised, stuffs a Haigh's bar down the baby's throat and grins, "Welcome to Australia, mate."  Before the age of free trade, the baby went to his grave thinking Haigh's the best chocolate in the universe.   Nowadays, with Aussies regularly going overseas and imports freely flowing in to the detriment of Australia's current accounts, the grown up baby fully comprehends that he's been had,  that Haigh's doesn't set the standards and has been ripping him and his family off for generations.

I'm not Australian, didn't grow up in Australia, hadn't heard of Haigh's until four years ago, and didn't ever try Haigh's until one week ago.  I approached the brand with no bias.  The first taste of their Dark Chocolate With Cardamom and its accompanying hefty price tag really proved that a new sucker is born every minute.   My opinion of the brand went up a bit after trying their milk and up even more after trying this Premium Dark.   

I think the cardamom bar failed because it didn't know what it wanted to be.   That bar had only 52% cocoa solids, but was listed as "dark."  That cocoa solid content with that blend of spices tasted like a loser.  The chocolate taste was too overshadowed by the rich spices.  A darker chocolate was necessary to pull off that combo.   Haigh's didn't have that issue with the 32% milk -- there wasn't anything else in the bar to drown out the cocoa flavor.  With Haigh's Dark, a real dark with 70%, I think Haigh's finally found its stride.   Like the milk, the more I ate it, the more I liked it.  Both bars were gone within a day -- the same day. Nice work, Haigh's!

70% is too much cacao in a bar for most, and I've had 70% bars where a few bites were an ordeal.  Not with this Haigh's bar.  It wasn't too sweet or too bitter.  The texture was smooth, and the bar the perfect thickness.  In terms of the chocolate taste experience alone, this bar was an 8.0 and surpassed any of the 60%+ plain bars from Whittaker's.  But Whittaker's, no stooge in the chocolate-making arena, charges about 20% the price per gram of Haigh's. 

As good as Haigh's Dark Chocolate is, you can get something dark and pretty bloody acceptable by importing it, with enough change from an AUD 10 note still in your pocket for an Indian curry.  Consume Haigh's in large quantities only if you're a dear friend of the Haigh family, rich, or paid to do so.   Those of us paying our own way will save money eating Belgian or Swiss winners.  

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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  Australia has its own indigenous chocolates. Haigh's from Adelaide, South Australia. They make dark chocolate and milk chocolate, Australian chocolate at its unfinest. Haigh's makes a dark chocolate bar with 70% cocoa solids. Haigh's has stores in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Come visit the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic