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Green & Black's Mint (Fondant) 
Posted: 20 October 2010    8.0 
Green & Black's Mint It's a great mix -- the mint fondant with the 70% dark organic chocolate.  The sweet all -natural peppermint filling tempers the dark chocolate flavors.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.035   Cocoa %: 70  Size: 100g  British chocolate 

Green & Black's and I were lovers for a brief spell during my younger and more immature chocolate days 5 years ago.   I've since moved onto darker, sometimes less organic pastures, but when the opportunity arises, I give the old lover a repeat spin.  Lately, Alabama Al, a diabetic choco-lover from Birmingham, married four times, with sixteen children (three illegitimate), mailed me one of these G & B's Mints, telling me, "This'll blow your mind, man!"  Alabama Al did a lot of drugs in the 1960's.  It doesn't take much to blow his mind anymore.

New lovers were in my fold by now.  I had spurned G & B already for richer bars packed with denser fillings.  But when a no-strings attached bar arrives on your doorstep, awaiting a sampling, you don't worry about the repercussions of cheating.  You indulge. 

Of all the previous bars I've sampled at the Chocolate Republic, the Australian-made Extra Fine Mint by Nestle is the most apt comparison to this one.  Like the G & B bar, the Nestle Club bar has 70% cocoa.  Both come in 100 gram sizes, and both cost about the same.  The difference is that that the Nestle Club bar is mint infused, and the G & B bar is not.   It's composed of small 70% blocks stuffed with peppermint fondant made from organic peppermint oil.  Not ever being a lover of liquid fillings, I expected to be feeding this bar to the rabid Thai dogs which sleep (literally) on the streets over here.  Nonetheless, I bit into it so I could tell Alabama Al to his (virtual) face that I tried it at an attempt to blow my mind.

Well, one bite led to two which led to three.  And it would've led to four, but my girlfriend grabbed the remaining bar out of my hand, said it was time for bed, and dragged me upstairs.  I gave the bar a conspiratorial wink, a sign that we would meet again in my mouth early the next morning when the girlfriend wasn't around. 

It's a great mix -- the mint fondant with the 70% dark organic chocolate.  Dark chocolates were always G & B's strong points, not their average milks.  In my past reviews, it was G & B's 70% and 85% that got the better marks.  The sweet all -natural peppermint filling tempers the dark chocolate flavors.  The resultant combo is better than the 70% Dark solo.

For lovers of mint and chocolate or just lovers of chocolate who merely like mint:  get your lips and tongue around this bar.  The cool British organic seductress is back in town!          

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Voltaire Brown's Don't Travel Europe

  Green & Black's make chocolate for the UK and elsewhere. Their 70% Dark Chocolate has mint fondant. It's organic chocolate, dark, 70% cocoa, with mint fondant. Do you like dark chocolate? Chocolate republic with Doug at Doug's Republic loves it.