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Movenpick White Lemon 
Posted: 22 October 2010    9.5 
Movenpick White Lemon The white chocolate is deliciously creamy and smooth, surpassing even the flavor of the Lindt Lindor White I raved about earlier.   And the lemon flavor wasn't too tangy or too sour. This is one lemon bar that ain't a lemon, if you know what I mean.  
Avg price/gram: USD 0.05   Cocoa %: 30  Size: 100g  Swiss chocolate 

Last Valentine's Day, I went out and bought four Swiss-made chocolate bars for my girlfriend.  The running joke as my girlfriend now tells it is that I bought them for myself.   I hope my girlfriend got a taste of each, but you know, I still can't be sure.   Well, it wasn't even Valentine's Day last night, and my girlfriend surprised me, with a Swiss-made Movenpick White Lemon bar.

I'm surprised at myself for not having previously bit into a Movenpick bar.  I've tried their ice creams, now made by Nestle, but with actual quality control standards.  And I've stayed in a Movenpick hotel, in Phuket in 2007.   Wasn't it about time I bit into one of their chocolate bars?

I wasn't expecting much.   Lemon flavor mixed with white chocolate?   I like lemons in juices or in salsas, but in food, it's usually been a miss more than a hit.   I couldn't stand Chinese-style lemon chicken.  Lemon pizza and hamburgers with lemon were no better.  I wasn't holding out great hopes that the lemon would enhance the flavor of white chocolate, something I'm not already crazy about.

But man oh man, was this a treat!   The white chocolate is deliciously creamy and smooth, surpassing even the flavor of the Lindt Lindor White I raved about earlier.  The Lindor's secret is the cream; they're attempting more of a creamy flavor than a rich milky one and pull it off splendidly.  This Movenpick bar, on the other hand, is true blue white chocolate, just the way Grandma probably would have liked it had she known about quality Swiss white chocolates.   The lemon flavor wasn't too tangy or too sour.  This is one lemon bar that ain't a lemon, if you know what I mean.

In a good buddy picture, the two buddies complement each other perfectly.  Take one of the buddies out of the plot, and it would be less than half the film.  That's a bad analogy for this bar, for even without the lemon flavor, this is top class white chocolate.    The lemon in this bar is more like the clever sidekick, not strictly a necessity but a bonus every time you come across it.

There are some in this world whose biggest fantasy is to immerse pieces of a Movenpick chocolate bar in a scoop of Movenpick ice cream and consume it by the pool of a Movenpick hotel.   If you can get just get the Movenpick white chocolate bar part of the fantasy down, you'd still be ahead of most.         

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  Movenpick makes a white lemon chocolate made in Switzerland that is delicious. It's a Swiss bar made with wholesome Swiss chocolate. Come visit the Chocolate Republic with Doug of Doug's Republic