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Cadbury Flake Luxury 
Posted: 10 November 2010    5.5 
Cadbury Flake Luxury The 28% milk solid chocolate is very smooth, and these Flake bars literally melt in your mouth. As a decadent snack, it's amazing.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.052   Cocoa %: 24  Size: 45g  Australian chocolate 

Twenty-five years ago was when I first tasted a Cadbury Flake.  I was passing through Britain's Heathrow Airport on a layover from Tel Aviv to New York.  We were allowed to walk around the airport for an hour.  I had purchased some Dutch chocolate when we stopped in Holland on the way over.  I wanted to procure some British chocolate for the trip back.  Cadbury Flakes were unheard of in the United  States, and I picked up a few of these bars of thinly folded milk chocolate created by a Cadbury employee in 1920 when he was filling the chocolate molds.  I remember not being very impressed.

My choco-tastes were not sophisticated back then, I'll admit.  When I returned to England three years later for a university year abroad, I tried the local Cadbury and don't recall being fascinated.  My chocolate universe was still Hershey-centric. 

Decades have since passed.  I now appreciate British Cadbury's, and after performing a taste test among Cadbury bars from 7 different nations, Australian Cadbury's, too.  A week ago I received an e-mail from a Canadian friend living and teaching in Bangkok.  A fellow teacher of his, a Kiwi, had recently returned to Thailand from home and bestowed upon him a few New Zealand-made bars.   He told me I could tear off half of each bar and review them for the Chocolate Republic.  This Flake Luxury was among the three he was gifted.

What my friend didn't know, what the New Zealand woman who brought him the bars might not even know, is that the Cadbury New Zealand manufacturing operations were shuttered some time ago and all chocolate production concentrated in Tasmania (Australia).  So this Cadbury Flake Luxury is really an Australian bar. 

When I originally setup the Chocolate Republic, the intention was to review only higher-end bars.  Mass-produced chocolates like Kit Kats, Snickers, Milky Ways, and their like were not to be covered.  Recently, Aussie Dave, one of my choco benefactors, persuaded me to review America's Hershey bars, as they enjoy such strong international name recognition based on the popular export of American TV shows and movies.  And I did compare a variety of Cadbury bars, another mainstream brand, didn't I?   What was stopping me from reviewing this Australian Flake bar?   Who cares if it's not high end?

Well, you'd never guess it wasn't high end based on its price tag.  I looked up the price on both New Zealand and Australian web sites.  Per gram, it's more expensive than Lindt, Green & Black's, and Movenpick, all brands that supersede Cadbury Australia on quality.  As for the taste, it's great.  The Luxury is just a regular Flake bar with an extra coating of Cadbury Dairy milk on the outside.  Considering the Flake is composed of the Dairy Milk blend anyway, the luxury part is just a different texture of the economy-class part.  It's much like the VIP buses in Laos:  you pay a premium to take something nicer which still stops when not full to pick up locals and their live chickens and roosters, just like the first class buses do. 

The 28% milk solid chocolate is very smooth, and these Flake bars literally melt in your mouth.  As a decadent snack, it's amazing.  I don't remember the British bars in 1985 being this smooth.  They were grittier and the chocolate crumbled.   If this chocolate were half the price and sold at 7-11's in Thailand, I fear I'd be a Cadbury Flake addict.  At these prices, it's a luxury to be able to buy one. 

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  Australia Cadbury has a milk chocolate bar known as Cadbury Flake Luxury. It's flake milk chocolate enrobed in Dairy Milk chocolate. Is Australian chocolate good, asks Doug of Chocolate Republic at Doug's Republic?