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Movenpick Chocolate Chips 
Posted: 10 November 2010    8.0 
Movenpick Chocolate Chips Another pitch perfect combination. The manufacturer must recruit ingredient proportion tasting experts.  12% chips and 3% hazelnut? Too much. 6% chips and 0.5% hazelnuts? Too few. I imagine multibillions must have been spent to get the content exactly right.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.05   Cocoa %: 38  Size: 100g  Swiss chocolate 

Some companies can do no wrong, even if they're not really one company.   Movenpick so far is one of them.

I stayed at their hotel in Phuket.  A winner, with the best kid's club I've yet seen in a 5-star establishment.  It was so inviting that at my age, I wanted to spend the afternoon in the Kid's Club and experience the kiddie attractions!   I don't remember when I tried their ice cream, but it was way above average.   And in the last month I got a chance to try three different Movenpick chocolate bars.   The White Lemon and Maple Walnut were superb and unconventional combinations.   The Chocolate Chips bar is just as different and almost as good.

This bar is comprised of a higher cocoa solid content than the milk chocolate used in the Maple Walnut.   it contains 9% chips, and the "secret" ingredient which must give the chocolate a nuttier flavor, 1.5% hazelnuts.  The hazelnuts were also a secret ingredient in the Maple Walnut and worked magnificently there. 

It works here, too.  Another pitch perfect combination.  The manufacturer must recruit ingredient proportion tasting experts.   12% chips and 3% hazelnut?  Too much.    6% chips and 0.5% hazelnuts?  Too few.  I imagine multibillions must have been spent to get the content exactly right.

One thing I haven't been able to fully figure out -- yet -- is how this company works.   I originally believed that the Movenpick hotel, ice cream, and chocolate operations were just separate branches of one master Swiss powerhouse conglomerate that possibly also laundered extra cash in its homeland banks.  The Movenpick Hotels & Resorts company operates close to 100 hotels in two dozen countries.  The Movenpick ice cream operation is produced by Swiss conglomerate Nestle.  They sound like two entirely separate operations. Yet examine the logo on the chocolate bar cover and the one for the hotel group, and they're identical.  

The connection looks to be a simple one.   Movenpick licenses the manufacture of its chocolate to another company.  Prior to February 2008, Movenpick let German confectionary company Katjes have the honors of packaging the cacao with the Movenpick name.   After that time, including the time this review was written, the chocolate has been manufactured by Halloren Schokoladenfabe AG, another German operation.  Ironic, isn't it?  Famous Swiss chocolates being manufactured by a German company.  My hats go off to the Germans on this one.  They're not just behind Mercedes, Audi, Siemens, and both world wars, they're also invading the world with their chocolate manufacturing.   

But I won't lie.  It's disturbing news to find out that Swiss primo brand Movenpick outsources their chocolate manufacturing.  As long as Halloren can keep up the fine work, the Chocolate Republic's ratings hold firm.  But if Halloren should get tossed to the wayside like Katjes once the current licensing agreement expires, these chocolates I fantasize about could be a thing of the past.  With it being more in vogue all the time to outsource to the Orient and with labeling laws getting laxer by the day, should any of us be surprised to have Movenpick one day outsource the manufacture of their chocolate to China while still being able to label the bar as Swiss chocolate? 

Bite into one while the going is still good. 

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  Movenpick makes a chocolate with chocolate chips made in Switzerland that is delicious. It's a Swiss bar made with wholesome Swiss chocolate and hazelnut. Come visit the Chocolate Republic with Doug of Doug's Republic