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Lotte Crunky 
Posted: 19 November 2010    5.0 
Lotte Crunky Was the Crunky bad? No. Not at all. It's just your typical crispy rice chocolate bar, neither far better nor far worse than what the competition is offering. Hence, the average rating.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.025   Cocoa %: 37  Size: 40g  Korean chocolate 

Korean-Japanese mega conglomerate Lotte continues its long standing tradition of mediocrity with the Crunky.    

Who knows where the name came from?  On chocolate posts in forums, the unusual name is what got the most kudos and not the quality of the chocolate.  I am submitting the possibility that the name is a portmanteau of the words "crunchy" and "block", but if I'm wrong about that guess, who really cares?

The Crunky bar is Lotte's answer to Nestle's Crunch.   It's crispy rice in milk chocolate.  The Crunky I purchased wasn't an actual chocolate bar.  It consisted of 8 small individually wrapped pieces neatly placed in a box that slid out from the box as if it were finely rolled cigarettes.

Was the Crunky bad?  No.  Not at all.  It's just your typical crispy rice chocolate bar, neither far better nor far worse than what the competition is offering.  Hence, the average rating.   Were you walking around your local grocery and you spotted a Crunky, I couldn't, in good faith, tell you to fork out for this import when you could probably buy as equally an average rice crispy chocolate in your homeland.  A Cadbury Golden Crisp, for example, would trump a Crunky any day of the week. 

My girlfriend's 9-yr old son loves the Crunky.  I don't think he loves Crunky so much as he loves rice crispies in his milk chocolate, and Crunky is the only crispy rice bar he's ever sampled.  These are the kinds of consumers Lotte is shooting for, people who want a certain filling in their bars and will buy it regardless of the quality of the chocolate.  Surprisingly, the Crunky contains 37% cocoa solids -- a cocoa mass of 24% and cocoa butter content of 13%, putting it in the upper tiers of a milk chocolate.  This is not the compliment it could've been.  The Crunky tasted like it had cocoa solid content somewhere in the 23-27% range.

If you're on a crispy rice fix in South Korea and happen to be passing a Family Mart or 7-11 at that exact moment, a Crunky could be just what the doctor ordered.  Don't exert the slightest effort anywhere else. 

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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  Korea is home to Lotte, a Korean conglomerate. How is Korean chocolate? Try the crunch of Crunky. The chocolate is made with crispy rice and milk chocolate. Like rice, mates? Let the chocolate republic review it all with Doug of Doug's Republic