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Ritter Sport Dark Hazelnut
Posted: 19 November 2010    7.5 
Ritter Sport Dark Hazelnut One bite led to another which led to another, and there were plenty of hazelnuts, at least one in every bite.    It's not premium produce, if that's what you're looking for. Ritter knows that and charges accordingly.  
Avg price/gram: USD 0.023   Cocoa %: 50  Size: 100g  German chocolate 

As I publish more and more reviews for the Chocolate Republic, chocoholics worldwide finally reveal themselves to me.  After publishing a number of favorable reviews of New Zealand and Swiss chocolates, sent to me courtesy of benefactor Aussie Dave, a German subscriber to the Chocolate Republic stepped forward (in virtual cyberspace) to state that Germans knew more than just the basics about chocolate manufacturing, and he was going to prove it.  He added that if Hitler had been more inclined to establish a Chocolate Reich instead of a Third Reich, German chocolates would have successfully invaded every Allied land without the need for a single shot. 

What Dietrich Edelweiss mailed me were three Ritter Sport bars.  I was in shock.  Ritter Sport was the chocolate Siemens or Mercedes Benz he'd boasted about?  No disrespect to Ritter Sport, I'd never tried it.  And the reason I'd never tried it was that I considered it an overhyped mediocre European brand.  Thailand is no mecca for chocolate varieties, and yet Ritter Sport bars are found in all the supermarkets and even at ma & pa stores on the Thai islands.  Very few companies are like Switzerland's Lindt which can pull off the mass production, worldwide export, and maintain the quality.   My snap impression was that Ritter was the poor man's Lindt.  Dietrich hadn't needed to mail me Ritters from Europe.  I could've bought these myself 5 minutes from my house and at prices cheaper than what Dietrich said he purchased them for in Germany. 

Ritter's origins go back about a hundred years to Stuttgart.  Newly married Alfred Ritter wanted to impress his wife by starting a chocolate factory.  The "Quality.  Chocolate.  Squared." bars seen on chocolate shelves the world over today first graced this reality in 1932.  Ritter's now chubby wife wanted a chocolate bar that could fit into the pocket of every sports jacket.  Sorry, it's not called Ritter Sport to improve your athletic performance. 

The Ritter Sport package was waiting on my doorstep when I returned from Korea.  I had originally intended to wait to review these until after I'd sampled, then written about, every Korean chocolate bar I'd brought back with me.  But as I was scanning these bar's wrappers into my computer, having just sampled one more average-tasting Korean bar,  I couldn't resist opening up this Dark Hazelnut to compare its 50% cocoa solid flavors to the 51% Ghana Black residues from Japan still coating my tongue.   Germany and Japan were allies during the Second World War.   It was fitting that the countries' flavors could now ally themselves in my mouth. 

Man, what a difference.  There was character to this chocolate next to the robotic, by-the-book stuff coming out of East Asia.  One bite led to another which led to another, and there were plenty of hazelnuts, at least one in every bite.  My girlfriend's son wandered into the room as I was sampling, and I offered him a few pieces.  He's no dark chocolate lover but admitted that this was superior to any of the Korean samples I'd been feeding him earlier that day.  Korean citizens evidently are nationalistic about their food, but not their indigenous chocolates. 

It's not premium produce, if that's what you're looking for.  Ritter knows that and charges accordingly.   I can see how some chocoholic poseurs would consider this up market.  Don't be fooled.  Ritter's just a nice quick fix when nothing better is around 

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  Germany is home of the Ritter company, makers of adequate German chocolate. The German Ritter Sport bar is found worldwide. Recently Doug tried the Ritter dark chocolate with hazelnut. The chocolate republic welcomed Ritter in and Doug of Doug's Republic said it was okay.