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Ritter Sport Alpine Milk
Posted: 21 November 2010    6.0 
Ritter Sport Alpine Milk Chocolate They've also upped the sugar content. The first few bites started out nicely. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned, thinking I could taste the fragrances of the pristine grass the cows on the Alps had munched upon. On the second bite, the illusions my mind was creating were fading and the taste was more realistic.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.023   Cocoa %: 30  Size: 100g  German chocolate 

Ritter Sport's Alpine Milk Chocolate was the third of the Ritter Sport bars twice divorced German choco-lover Dietrich Edelweiss mailed me from Germany.   These were chocolates he assured me that would convince me that Germany lay in the center of the chocolate manufacturing universe. 

Ritter Sport started out well in the Chocolate Republic's books.   I enjoyed the Dark Hazelnut and Whole Almonds bars, packed with more nuts than some asylums.  The Almond bar had a similar 30% cocoa solid milk chocolate base as this bar, but with less milk solid content.  This is a practice employed by other manufacturers besides Ritter.   When adding nuts to a chocolate, the manufacturer can lower the cocoa solid and/or milk solid content so as not to overshadow the flavor the nuts bring to the combo.   This plain milk chocolate bar "made with 100% milk from the Alps" is flying solo, and Ritter has upped the milk solid content from 18% in the almond bar to 23% here.

They've also upped the sugar content.  The first few bites started out nicely.   "Mmmmmmm," I moaned, thinking I could taste the fragrances of the pristine grass the cows on the Alps had munched upon.  On the second bite, the illusions my mind was creating were fading and the taste was more realistic.  By the fourth bite, I knew I was holding a diabetic-inducing overhyped piece of European mediocrity. 

I subscribe to the theory that a company's real chocolate manufacturing expertise can be judged from their plain varieties.  Any Joe Jackass can add Californian almonds, Hawaiian macademia nuts, or Mozambican cashews to their blend and get a flavor boost. I'm a nut lover, so these additions will always, to me, make any bar -- milk, dark, white, extra dark, half mulatto, purple -- taste better.  Conversely, removing the nuts will make a bar taste worse.  But the removal of the nuts shouldn't drag the bar down so low that it can no longer hold its own.   Unfortunately, that's what happens with the Alpine Milk.  Removing the nuts is like chopping off two legs of a table.  The table completely collapses, and you realize the fancy-sounding name with the majestic Alps in the title is a marketing come-on.

I'll give Ritter some credit again.  It's slightly above average milk chocolate at a slightly above average market price.  You get exactly what you paid for.  Dietrich Edelweiss needs to finally face up to the fact that Germany is better off sticking to the making of German chocolate cakes.   

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 Germany is home of the Ritter company, makers of adequate German chocolate. The German Ritter Sport bar is found worldwide. Recently Doug tried the Ritter Alpine milk chocolate bar. The chocolate republic welcomed Ritter in and Doug of Doug's Republic said it was okay