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Dove Hazelnut, Almond, and Raisin 
Posted: 22 November 2010    6.5 
Dove Hazlenut, Almond, and Raisin The chocolate has enough punch, and you get enough filling content to conclude, at the end of it all, that "Hey, this wasn't such a bad trip in the end."     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.027   Cocoa %: 22  Size: 43g  China chocolate 

There was a time back in the mid 1980's, as a young one content with the simpler things in life, when a Dove bar to me meant a Dove ice cream bar or a bar of soap. Circa 1985, I was a very nice-smelling ice cream bar chocoholic. 

The Dove Bar, the ice cream one, seemed to come out of nowhere.  They'd been sold in Chicago, where Dove Candies & Ice Cream was based, since the 1950's.  It was only when candy giant Mars bought the brand in 1985 that Dove' Bars were to be found in supermarkets across the U.S.  Initially, I recall the Dove Bars being vanilla ice cream coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate.  The bars were rather large, and the hard outer chocolate shell would melt and break away as you tried to bite into the creamy ice cream within.  Aaaah, the memories of a sugar addled teen!

Decades passed.  Dove receded into Memory Lane, just like most of the friends I knew in high school.  Actually, I completely forgot about Dove until I saw Dove chocolate bars on sale in 7-11 shops in Thailand at the beginning of 2008.  I didn't know Dove even made chocolate bars. The range of 7-11 type chocolates in Thailand is limited.  You get the usual international low end stuff like Kit Kats, tasty but cheaply made Ferrero Rocher, and Malaysian-made Cadbury and Von Houten.  Dove was a nice addition to the scene.   The bars on the Thai shelves were made in China, and for around the same cost as the terrible Cadbury made in Malaysia, makes for a decent snack.

The Hazelnut, Almond, and Raisin (a Fruit & Nut bar by any other manufacturer) wouldn't have gotten a second look by me pre-Chocolate Republic.  Now that I'm reviewing anything I can get my hands on, I picked it up off a 7-11 shelf.  The cocoa solid content is low and Mars isn't supremely generous with the hazelnuts, almonds, or raisins. The chocolate has enough punch, and you get enough filling content to conclude, at the end of it all, that "Hey, this wasn't such a bad trip in the end." 

The chocolate in these bars isn't the same richness or caliber as the thick chocolate shells which graced those Dove ice cream bars years ago.  A few explanations for this.  One, my tastes are more sophisticated now.  The Dove chocolate on the ice cream bars from the 1980's was equal or possibly inferior to the chocolate of today.  I, with my teenaged taste buds, just thought, at the time, it tasted better. Two, the American-made Dove chocolate really was better than the Chinese-made Dove I sampled in this bar.   Or three, my taste buds in the 80's were just as accurate as they are today, and Mars cheapened the chocolate over time.   They wouldn't be the first brand to do so. 

If I can ever get my hands on a Dove ice cream bar again, I'll let you know.  Till then, I'll be helping China's current account surplus by buying these.

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  Dove manufactures milk chocolate bars in China for the Asian market. This is their hazelnut, almond, and raisin bar, their Asian fruit & nut bar. It's an expansion from their ice cream Dove bar. Taste it at the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic.