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Dove Milk Chocoate 
Posted: 25 November 2010    6.0 
Dove Milk Chocolate In terms of a taste strategy, the Milk's a let down. Of the four Dove chocolate bars I've tried, it's the worst of the lot. It's lower quality Chinese-made chocolate with nothing within to fool you that you're eating something halfway tasty.   
Avg price/gram: USD 0.027   Cocoa %: 29  Size: 43g  China chocolate 

Coming back from Korea, I walked into a 7-11 and saw this bar staring back at me from the shelf.  The Dove Milk Chocolate bar, with 17% cocoa mass and 12% cocoa butter.  

Now you're probably asking what's so special about a milk chocolate bar.  Isn't this like the most common bar you're going to find on a supermarket shelf?  Yeah, but not for Chinese-made Doves sold in Thailand.   7-11's here originally stocked just two varieties:  the Hazelnut, Almond, and Raisin and the Crispy.   Later, Darks were added.   Lately, there's been a reversal.  The newly introduced Milk is the only Dove you can find.   To find the other Doves, you must spread your wings and go to a larger supermarket.  

Why the changes?  Do you need to ask me that?  Economics.   7-11's have limited shelf space and they need to put on those shelves what consumers are most likely to buy.  Bye bye Dark, Crispy, and the fruit & nut variety, hello to the popular Milk.   I'll let you know if that sales strategy works.

In terms of a taste strategy, however, the Milk's a let down  Of the four Dove chocolate bars I've tried, it's the worst of the lot.  It's lower quality Chinese-made chocolate with nothing within to fool you that you're eating something halfway tasty.   What I haven't considered is that this is the consumer market Dove is shooting for.  People don't walk into a 7-11 expecting heaven sent chocolates.  They go in for a quick snack.  Case in point.  Last night at 1 AM, I zipped over to 7-11 for a piece of banana bread.  Was it spellbinding?  Did it out-taste a fine bakery?  Those are stupid questions.  We all know it didn't.  But what spellbinding fine bakeries do you know of that would be located 5 minutes from your residence and open 24/7 to satisfy your craving for banana bread?

In terms of taste, it's a toss up between this bar and the Meiji Hi Milk.   That's a surprising observation.  Despite this bar being on the high side for cheap mass-produced chocolate, containing 20% more cocoa solids than Meiji's bar and more cocoa solids than Dove's fruit & nut and Crispy, this Milk bar doesn't trample the Japanese competition.  Preference on a particular day would depend on if I was hankering for a Snickers-quality chocolate taste or a taste of the Orient.   

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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  Dove manufactures milk chocolate bars in China for the Asian market. This is their milk bar, their China made milk bar. It's an expansion from their ice cream Dove bar. Taste it at the chocolate republic with Doug of Doug's Republic.