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Godiva Milk Chocolate with Macadamia 
Posted: 8 January 2011    8.5 
Godiva Milk Chocolate with Macadamia Godiva couldn't go wrong with this one. Their Milk already had the Chocolate Republic seal of approval. As long as the macadamia nuts weren't rancid, I was destined to like this one.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.058   Cocoa %: 31  Size: 45g   

The mystery of Godiva is their cocoa solid content.  They Milk bar didn't list it, so why would the Milk with Macadamia?  When I was able to dig up 31% for the milk blend on another site, I realized why.  31% isn't on the extreme high side.  Plenty of brands use lower content.  Cadbury Australia's milk is just 26%.   But these other brands aren't premium ones like Godiva.  On the Chocolate Republic, nearly all of the better milk chocolate bars sampled contained more cocoa solid content than 31%. Such a low cocoa solid content is something you wouldn't want to announce from the hills.

Something else Godiva wouldn't want made public is their use of vegetable oils in the mix. (Genuine) premium chocolatiers use cocoa butter for smoothness. If the cocoa butter content of a chocolate is too low, an additive is mixed in to discrease the viscosity. Vegetable oil is commonly used as the additive for the low cost. You shouldn't see 'vegetable oil' on a premium chocomaker's label. But it's here, another sign that Godiva isn't manufacturing their chocolates to celestial standards anymore.

You can't argue with the taste and texture though. That's what Godiva has going for it. They're not generous with the size or with the fillings and stuffings. In this Macadamia bar, only 13% of the bar is nuts. The Whittaker bars from New Zealand, more than five times the size and still less costly, stuffed almost double the amount of nuts in each bar. What Godiva has going for it is their prestigious brand name, not tainted at all when the company switched to Turkish hands. Then again, how many people were aware that the Campbell Soup Company owned Godiva before? Who owns a company shouldn't, on the face of it, affect the quality of its chocolates. But economic realities dictated by a new parent can and often do affect quality. When Kraft bought out Cadbury, they shuttered the Cadbury Kenya factory, manufacturers of some of the finest Cadbury bars I've ever had. Costs are relevant to competitiveness, and cutting costs and quality can be part of a business' strategy.

Godiva couldn't go wrong with this one.  Their Milk already had the Chocolate Republic seal of approval.  As long as the macadamia nuts weren't rancid, I was destined to like this one.  Godiva could've been more generous with the nuts, but there were still enough nuts present to be tasted and savored.  The perfect amount of nuts is always a matter of perspective.  Dieters would argue that their waistlines are better off with fewer macadamias.

For a milk chocolate lover and a nut lover, sample one of these before you die and then let me know if you think Godiva is coasting on their laurels. 

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