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Godiva Dark Chocolate with Raspberry 
Posted: 11 January 2011    7.5 
Godiva Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Sorbitol in a dark chocolate raspberry bar. It's nice to know that Turkish-owned Godiva cares about customer waistlines. That's so sweet. Sweeter than this bar, that's for sure, which consists of just 0.2% frozen raspberries.      
Avg price/gram: USD 0.061   Cocoa %: 72  Size: 45g   

Sorbitol in a dark chocolate raspberry bar.  It's nice to know that Turkish-owned Godiva cares about customer waistlines.  That's so sweet.  Sweeter than this bar, that's for sure, which consists of just 0.2% frozen raspberries.   

Godiva used their 72% dark blend as the base.  Well, we assume they did.  Like nearly all of Godiva's bars, cocoa solid content wasn't their focus.  Knell's Law of Ingredient Omissions, which applies to all foods, not just chocolates, dictates that whatever information is omitted on the front or back label of a food product is done purposely to hide shameful information included in the product itself.

Some examples:

"No artificial flavors or colors".   The product contains preservatives.

"No preservatives."   The product is loaded with artificial flavors and colors.

"No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives."   The product likely contains trans fats and MSG.

  "No hydrogenated oils."    The product contains other questionable, but non-hydrogenated, oils. 

So when Godiva leaves off the cocoa solid content, it's to hide the meager cocoa solid content within.

The Turkish Godiva is still a master at making everyday ingredients seem to taste premium.  Godiva adds butter oil to this one.  I've seen butter oil described as a "wonderful delicate oil made of canola."  It's used in the production of recombined milk, manufacture of ice cream, and in the production of various fat spreads.  I'd never seen any premium chocolatiers using butter oil.  If they adhere to quality, cocoa butter is their oil of choice. 

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if artificial flavors were crammed into this bar, but listed on the label in less shocking terms.   I caught Lindt adding artificial flavors to their mint bar.  If premium Lindt is into the artificial flavor game, why shouldn't Godiva be?

If Godiva had wanted to go all-out premium on this one, to give it their truly best shot and not their cheap shot posing as a best shot, I think they could have blown me away.  What they produced was still entertainment for the taste buds but not one I'd choose to pay such stratospheric pricing.

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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