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Cadbury Roast Almond 
Posted: 18 January 2011    7.0 
Cadbury Roast Almond The Chocolate Republic's verdict: they're tasty by any standard. Not only are Australian Cadbury bars some of the top Cadbury bars made worldwide, they hold their own as a tasty treat in this price range.     
Avg price/gram: USD 0.016   Cocoa %: 26  Size: 200g  Australian chocolate 

Since just after the New Year, it's been Cadbury days.  Toyboy Troy from Canada gifted me 2.3 Canadian Cadbury bars.  Another friend from the UK brought over a small British Cadbury Dairy Milk.  And two friends from Australia came bearing three Cadbury bars from Down Under -- one Roast Almond and two Fruit & Nuts.

For the sake of full disclosure, these were not brand new tastes for me.   I've tasted innumerable Roast Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Black Forest, you name it, from Australia.  During my long drives throughout Australia in the year I was there, I'd regularly stop at a Coles or a Woolworths and pick up a 250 gram Cadbury bar.  Yep, they were 20% bigger back then.

I retried them a year ago.  The same friends from Australia came to Thailand and one of them was present at the Cadbury chocolate tasting.  He brought both a Cadbury Dairy Milk and a Roast Almond.  At that time, there was no Chocolate Republic, and I only compared the Australian Cadbury bars against the other Cadburys present, not against other chocolate brands.

My taste buds were sharper now.  In the last few months, I've sampled lots and lots of chocolates.  How do the Australian Cadbury bars stack up in the face of much wider competition?

The Chocolate Republic's verdict:  they're tasty by any standard.  Not only are Australian Cadbury bars some of the top Cadbury bars made worldwide, they hold their own as a tasty treat in this price range.  Non-Australians might find the sweeter taste offputting initially, but once you get used to that, the chocolate is creamy and tasty and ample, if not enormous, amounts of fillings are added.  I did not bite into this bar and wonder where the almonds were.  There were almonds in every bite.

When Australia reduced the size of the bar from 250 grams to 200 grams and altered their recipe to reduce their cocoa solid content, mentioned in the video here, Australians were justifiably upset, and Cadbury retreated to their original formula but not the original size. Cadbury has already proven to me enough times that they can put out a quite acceptable product using less-than-stellar ingredients.  Kraft's buy out of Cadbury will only accelerate the use of low caliber ingredients. But don't underestimate these guys.  They employ world class chemists and food science experts who can make the inferior taste, while not like the superior,  to something bordering on the tasty.   I would venture that even with their altered recipe, Cadbury Australia still tasted pretty good.  

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  Cadbury makes milk chocolate in Australia under the name Roast Almond. Try their Roast Almond. Roast Almond is true Australian chocolate by Chocolate Republic standards. Talk to Doug at Doug's Republic.