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Marabou 70% Cocoa Mint Crisp
Posted: 3 February 2011    4.5 
Marabou Mint Crisp I like the idea of going beyond a standard dark mint bar and turning it into a mint crisp. But my overall assessment of the dark mint part of the bar is not kind.    
Avg price/gram: USD 0.028   Cocoa %: 70  Size: 30g  Swedish chocolate 

By the time I sank my teeth into this one, I'd already sampled Marabou's Polka and 70% Cocoa.   I wasn't greatly looking forward to it.

The Mint Crisp contains the same 70% dark chocolate blend as the 70% Cocoa, and like that bar, the ingredients are listed in Swedish, Danish, and Finnish. The bar's name is in English and on the back near the ingredient listing is a catchphrase in English: "Marabou Premium -- made of carefully selected cocoa beans of the highest quality to get a delightful taste experience. Dark Mint -- enjoy the pleasures of full-bodied 70% dark chocolate with a fresh taste of mint in a size only for you." It's only for me because I'm sensible enough not to share this quality chocolate with anyone I'd call a real friend.

What gives this bar its crisp, is 'krokant', which means brittle, as far as I can tell. The brittle is listed at only 8% content. Interestingly, there was no content listed for the mint. The word for mint in Swedish and Danish is the same as in English, and I couldn't see mint listed as any of the ingredients, so I think it safe to conclude that there's hardly any, if any and/or the taste of mint is due to completely artificial flavors. Kraft Foods owns the Marabou brand. Would you be so shocked to find Kraft substituting chemically synthesized flavors in its food goods?

I like the idea of going beyond a standard dark mint bar and turning it into a mint crisp.  Nice work, Kraft!  The addition of the crisp boosted my rating of this bar slightly.   But my overall assessment of the dark mint part of the bar is not kind.  It's not great dark chocolate, and the mint flavor is anything but intense.   Remember, too, that this is not a regular Marabou bar.  This is Marabou premium, meant to be the outstanding range, and outstanding was not the first word which came to mind as I ate it.   Now  I know why they come in 30 gram bars.  It's small enough that you'll finish it before you toss it. 

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Doug's Republic chocolate


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